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SFP Neighborhood Guide | Montmartre

Welcome to cozy Montmartre! The star of many films about Paris, home to local legends and the famous staircases you see all over Instagram, Montmartre is often overlooked as a strictly tourist destination. As a resident of this eccentric neighborhood, I can assure you it would be a mistake to walk away after just seeing the Sacré Cœur! It can be easy to get intimidated by the hoards of tourists and aggressive street vendors in front of the famous church, but once you step away from the tourist madness, you’ll discover a calm......

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A crêpe is to Paris what pizza is to New York City.  Crêperies can be found in every corner and on virtually every street.  There are several areas around the city where the concentration is particularly high and crêperies line the streets.  How in the world does one choose!!  As a historically indecisive person, I’ve been faced with this same dilemma.  Allow we to shed some light on a few nuggets of information that may aide in at least knowing what to look for and what you want.  C’est parti!...

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