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Peonies, Flower Shopping, and Healthy Eating

Allow us to introduce you to Lucia Chauvet, a Parisian born, multilingual foodie, photographer, and adventure-lover. Lucia started her blog, Lucia Talks Pictures, in 2016 with the idea to share her knowledge of food and photography in Paris, from the perspective of a multicultural life. If we could all share one common interest, food is probably the first thing that springs to mind! We are very excited to feature Lucia this week as a guest post on SFP, to have an insight into a couple of her MANY food experiences in Paris.


Photo by Lucia


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Lockwood | A Hybrid Coffee Shop-Bar

It is well known that the SFP Team love their coffee and their cocktails so you can only imagine the excitement when we heard buzz of a new place that combined both under one roof! The eagerly anticipated Lockwood opened its doors just before the holiday season and we popped in for a coffee and a cocktail with our friend Meg of De Quelle Planète Es-Tu?


Lockwood is a coffee shop by day, cocktail bar by night hybrid opened by the three Lehoux brothers who have earned some serious street cred over the past few years individually with places Continue reading