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Peonies, Flower Shopping, and Healthy Eating

Allow us to introduce you to Lucia Chauvet, a Parisian born, multilingual foodie, photographer, and adventure-lover. Lucia started her blog, Lucia Talks Pictures, in 2016 with the idea to share her knowledge of food and photography in Paris, from the perspective of a multicultural life. If we could all share one common interest, food is probably the first thing that springs to mind! We are very excited to feature Lucia this week as a guest post on SFP, to have an insight into a couple of her MANY food experiences in Paris.


Photo by Lucia


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An Expat Life | Stefanie Talley

Stefanie is one of those people we love to follow and find out what the latest trends and activities are in the City! Originally from Oklahoma City and currently living in Paris, Stefanie has opened our eyes to the fun and inexpensive things to do in the city through her blog – Free in Paris. Thanks to a giveaway on her Free in Paris blog, we were able to meet the lovely lady herself and decided follow on with an expat series on the life of Stefanie Talley.

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The Booming Coffee Culture in Paris Continues





At Savoir Faire Paris we love our daily coffee’s to get us through the weeks, as the hashtag goes #ButFirstCoffee – a moto that we live by daily! Fortunately for us, the future of coffee in Paris has been rapidly changing, meaning that finding your nearest cup of quality coffee is never too far away. The 1€ espressos from over roasted coffee beans at the bar of your typical brasserie are loosing out to those carefully crafted coffees by experienced baristas opening up “specialty” coffee shops all around Paris.

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Neighborhood Guide | Gambetta

I love discovering hidden gems in my city! I set out last weekend to get to know the Gambetta neighborhood in the 20th Arrondissement and its unique spots. I opted to start with a nice glass of Côte du Rhone at Café Martin, overlooking Père Lachaise cemetery on Place Martin Nadaud. A nice sunny cafe on a pedestrian-only street. Great for people watching, catching some sun and  chatting with locals.  Absolutely go for a leisurely lunch, food consists of huge smoked salmon platters and foie gras.

2015-02-22 16.14.17_wm

I  walked around and learn more about this eclectic neighborhood. I started with the outdoor organic food market on Rue de Pyrenées and  Rue Ménilmontant.  Bustling marché with Continue reading

Best Brunch Bites in Paris

Not sure about you guys, but as fall and winter loom closer, we are in the market for places to withstand the temps and nourish our souls with some good old fashioned brunch.  We’ve done the work for you, here are some of our top picks as of late!


Le 37m2:

Tawainese food for brunch?  Seems a bit odd, but I have two words for you: bubble tea.  At their super cool location in Pigalle, Le 37m2 offers this unique tea which contains grains of tapioca and is blended with a number of sweet flavors.  They shake Continue reading

New for Coffee and Cakes: Boot Café and Marlette

Nothing brings the city back to life like a little springtime sunshine. A collective sigh of relief is palpable as winter layers are shed and flowers begin to bloom. Doors open to let in fresh air, and in some cases to welcome you to a new favorite space. Here are few of Paris’ latest additions for coffee, brunch and beyond.


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Holybelly = Happybelly

Brunch has been a ‘thing’ in Paris for the past couple of years.  French restaurants having been trying to capitalize on this trend, but I’m starting to think they needed some outside perspective to perfect the movement.  Sarah Mouchot and Nico Alary have done just that with their new Holybelly Café! The Parisian pair traveled to Australia for three years where Nico worked as a barista and Sarah worked as a chef.  This experience translates to their fluid dynamic in which Sarah works meticulously and passionately behind the scenes while Nico performs his magic with customers at the front of the café.  The combination of deliciously filling food and upbeat service makes for a classic brunch experience.


When you think of a classic brunch experience, what’s the first things that comes to mind? I’m going to read yours: Bacon! And guess what?! Holybelly Café serves bacon! Cue the halleluiah chorus. And eggs.  Scrambled eggs! Poached eggs! I don’t know about anyone else but successfully producing a poached egg is nearly impossible Continue reading