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Buying a SIM Card Abroad

If you’ve been following our blog and business, you probably know that our primary services are for expats located in Paris. But did you know we also do tourist itinerary planning? Now that tourist season is approaching, we thought it would be helpful to put together a comprehensive guide on how to stay “on the grid” while you’re traveling Europe. As helpful as phones have become recently, not having data can still complicate your travels (who has time to wait for wifi to post that Instagram story?!). Instead of paying hefty fees......

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An Expat Life | Matthieu Waddell

Meet Matthieu, a seasoned inspirational expatriate having spent 20 years in Paris. Matthieu explains how the French language has shaped his expatriate experience, from growing a business to even cultivating a new persona. He speaks on the importance of “adaptability” as a key to happiness and success, not in just living abroad, but in flourishing given the constraints of our day-to-day life. Finally, he speaks about his yoga practice, and his mission to help those in the expat community feel a sense of belonging and refuge from a life built on relocation....

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