SFP’s Top 5 Instagrams to Follow


Since 2010, Instagram has taken the world by storm. It has become the new, most relevant way to blog and share your thoughts and ideas. Some use the platform to promote their business, others to share their selfies, and others to garner attention for their photography. In any case, we’ve fallen in love with the platform and want to share some of our favorite accounts to follow. Enjoy!


Paris Promenade

A sort of jack of all trades, French girl Audrey works as a flat hunter in Paris, runs a website highlighting a few of her favorite things in Paris, and runs the popular Instagram Paris Promenade. Equipped with only an iPhone and her keen eye for photography, Audrey brings the beauty of the hidden corners of Paris straight to your smartphone.



Typhaine Agusto

If it happens to me, I’m sure it happens to you! When you go to your closet to pick your outfit for the day, and even though your closet is full to max capacity, you still have nothing to wear! Fear no more. Typhaine Agusto, French fashion blogger and photo stylist, is here to help. Follow Typhaine for your daily dose of fashion and Parisian life, and let her keep you up to date on the latest trends.



The Foodstache

The self-proclaimed “Paris Food Freak” is here to help you get out of your restaurant rut. With all the amazing food options in Paris, it can be hard to decide which restaurant to try next. The Foodstache makes that decision easier by doing the research for you and exhibiting the best of the best in Paris. Check out his mouth-watering Instagram and you’ll be sure to find your next favorite restaurant.




Paris is obviously known for its incredible architecture, but few capture it’s beauty as well as Natalie Hill. Her Instagram is full of bright colors, bold design, and perfect angles, sure to satisfy any perfectionist! Follow her and share her love for spiral staircases.




Living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world has a way of making us jaded. When you’re in the jam-packed metro during rush hour, or driving your Vespa in the rain to the dreaded prefecture to renew your visa, it can be easy to forget or overlook the incredible beauty all around us. Named by Hot Wire as one of the most influential French Instagrammers, Vutheara Kham is here to remind you to take a moment and appreciate your surroundings. Delivering stunning photos from all over Paris, you’ll never again take our amazing City of Lights for granted.




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