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We consider it a pleasure to bring you the scoop on the latest buzz around the newest culinary installations around Paris.  As a little joint projects, we girls at SFP bring you three very different, yet equally appetizing “tastes” of what this food capital has to offer.  Our features this week: Bones, Le 6 Paul Bert and Septime Cave


Walking into this freshly opened restaurant, you would think you were in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Australian native, Chef James Henry, gained a name for himself with his first restaurant, Au Passage, and his almost cult following has been anticipating the opening of Bones for months. Chef Henry and his team of young hipster-rocker chefs are churning out solid fixed menus highlighting market-based ingredients and accented by their homemade bread, charcuterie, cheeses and butter, made fresh daily. The entire space has a bar-like vibe with an entryway bar service, craft beers and wines from small producers. In addition, they offer a selection of made to order gourmet bar snacks like oysters shucked before your eyes, raw fish cut to order, or their homemade charcuterie. The casual rocker atmosphere extends to their raised dining area looking into their small open kitchen. Punk rock music fills the entire space as the bar and restaurant atmospheres merge into one. Upstairs by the bathrooms is an empty space that is rumored to be a post-dinner lounge area but we will just have to wait and see…

Le 6 Paul Bert

Following the recent trend of popular restaurants opening off-shoots in the form of wine bars (think Frenchie, Vivant, Verjus etc.), Bertrand Auboyneau has opened Le 6 Paul Bert just down the road from his Bistro Paul Bert. Despite it being called a wine bar, the casual atmosphere is more akin to that of a restaurant such as Au Passage. There are a variety of small plates to choose from and the selection changes often, with a focus on fresh ingredients and unique combinations. Pick 3 savory plates and a dessert to compose a meal for 38 euros. Sit by the open kitchen and watch chef Louis-Philippe prepare his creations. Le 6 offers an extensive wine list, but the downside is that you can only buy by the bottle. Don’t expect to be able to drop in for dinner in the evening; reservations are possible and a real must. Or come back and check out their épicerie during the day and on Saturdays. The space is small but is the perfect spot for a night out with friends.


Septime Cave

Tucked along a quite street in the 11e,  the owners of Septime are playing their hand at this wave of mini-branch offs and have opened a “cave à vin” just around the corner from their parent restaurant.  The empty wine bottle lined, stone walls give this small, cozy space a bit of a rustic feel.  The wines are all natural, and with a price tag of a mere 3-5 euros a glass, it’s safe to say the quality for exceeded my expectations.  Grab a stool or a place at the bar, while enjoying any of their tasty small plates.  These in-house made delicacies range from about 4-14 euros.  Pancetta di Colonnata, house-smoked duck breast, foie gras with smoked eel are a few of their offerings.   The anchovies with ricotta plate was excellent!  This is a perfect early evening spot to meet friends for a before dinner “apero” or an intimate night out.  The friendly staff and warm atmosphere paired with a well executed simple menu will surely have us coming back for more!


Hopefully this has inspired your dining calendar for this week and month to come.  But don’t just take our word for it!  We want to know what you think!

Bon appetit!

43 Rue Godefroy Caviagnac, 75011
Voltaire (9)
09 80 75 32 08
Menu: 40 euros (47 euros with cheese)
Le 6 Paul Bert
6 Rue Paul Bert, 75011
Metro: Charonne (9), Faidherb-Chaligny (8)
01 43 79 14 32
Menu: 38 euros
Septime Cave
3 Rue Basfroi, 75011
Metro Charonne (9), Ledru Rollin (8)
10am-10pm Tue-Sun; closed Sun. and Mon.
Reservations not accepted



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