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It is truly the most exciting and highly anticipated time of the year. A time when all of Paris goes on sale and Parisians elbow and push and take off work to get that flat screen TV or that pair of shoes before it is out of stock.

As Les Soldes only happen twice a year (once at the end of June and again in mid-January), it is worth scouting out and taking the time for some good planning before heading out on your shopping spree. Here are our three “Dos and Don’ts” for making the most out of your shopping this weekend!

Do scout out your favorite shops in advance. Try on as many things as you can for size so that you can avoid the changing rooms during the sales.

Do sign yourself up on the mailing lists at individual stores before the sales. Some stores will have private pre-sales for their mailing list members. This way you get first pick.

Do keep going back! Remember that the sales continue for 5 weeks and each week comes with a new price reduction and new stock.

Don’t shop at peak hours. Avoid the first Saturday of the sales and try to go during the day on a week day before 6pm and not during lunch hour.

Don’t forget that the sales extend to everything from electronics to bedding and furniture and, of course, clothing. If you were planning a big purchase, now is the time to do it.

Don’t shop on the big shopping streets. Stay out of Galeries Lafayette and off of the Champs-Elysees. Instead, shop the small boutiques in the Marais or local shopping streets like Rue du Commerce. It will be a much more pleasant shopping experience and you will snag more unique items in smaller boutiques.


This years Summer sales started Wednesday 27 June and run through 31 July. The winter sales usually start the second Wednesday in January.


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