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Since our last successful post where we shared some of our favourites for no-reservations in Paris, I thought it might be a good idea to share some of our top picks for last-minute reservations. I wouldn’t suggest just walking in to these restaurants without a reservation but if you call a day or two in advance you should get a table for two sans problème!

Some of our favourite openings of this past year are buried in the less-travelled neighbourhood of the 17ème. Coretta & Roca are two bright, modern bistros cooking up some great fare with a friendly smile. Corretta’s great terrace is perfect for the summer months so if you plan on being in the area, make sure to reserve a table at one of these spots.

Venturing south, La Versaison in the 15th arrondissement is another wonderful neighbourhood spot in a less-frequented neighbourhood. La Veraison is the perfect local spot. The food is simple, the service is friendly, and you will never run into another tourist here. Reservations day-of are usually not a problem.

If you are looking for something more central, our all-time favourite last-minute reservation spot is the beloved Semilla in the heart of the 6th. This charming restaurant (as well as its older sister Fish La Boissonnerie) are anglo-friendly, serve crowd-pleasing food that is great for meat eaters, vegetarians, foodies and everyone in between.

Just a few blocks away is one, or two rather, that made quite a splash in the Paris culinary scene when they opened years ago but reservations have become quite easy to snag all these years later. Ze Kitchen Galerie serves modern, gastronomic cuisine and is still as excellent as ever. Their small-plates, more casual restaurant Kitchen Galerie Bis (KGB) is great for a nice meal with a group of friends whereas Ze Kitchen Galerie is a little more buttoned up and good for a business lunch or a nice dinner with friends.

In the dining hot-spot of the 11th arrondissement there are two local spots that we have come to love over the years. Just steps away from metro Oberkampf is a tiny, and I mean tiny, authentic Italian restaurant called L’Osteria Dell Anima. This family-run restaurant churns out home made pasta to order and you can snag a reservation a day or so in advance for one of their tiny tables.

Located just off of the charming square by the same name, La Square Gardette is a charming restaurant filled with soft lighting and an extensive and somewhat eclectic collection of flea-market-style objects. The food is wholesome and the atmosphere is romantic and homey at the same time. Stop into the recently opened Le Nicois just across the square for a before-dinner Pastis or after dinner top-off.


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