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At Savoir Faire Paris we are very fond of sharing our favourite gems of Paris with you all with recent posts of the best hot chocolates, the most luxurious lingerie boutiques and the best home ware stores to name a few. I started noticing that there seemed to be a very apparent, and may I add, very important one missing from our posts…the best places in Paris to buy wine. Well of course, how could we possibly miss this one off the list?!

We all enjoy a nice chilled glass of Chablis on a summer’s evening or a rich glass of Syrah to accompany our Steak frites but with hundreds of cavistes scattered around the city it can be very difficult to sift through them and determine which places are the best. Allow us to help you with our Top 5 choices of Wine Shops in Paris.


La New Cave
33 Boulevard Malherbes, 75008
Guillame and Tanguy have managed to set up a brilliant and modern way to stage wine selling in Paris in their beautifully designed wine shop. As the name suggests, La New Cave is a new experience offering a tailored service from very welcoming and knowledgeable staff. Their selection of wines are well researched and carefully chosen from different regions in France, including regular new discoveries. If you’re looking to try something new, or just simply your favourite go to wine, Guillame and Tanguy will always have something for you. The selection may not be as broad as others, but you’ll struggle to find the same passionate approach to wine selling elsewhere. FYI – they also offer weekly tasting sessions!


La Cave des Papilles
35 Rue Daguerre, 75014
The garishly yellow front of this wine retailer sticks out like a sore thumb but be sure to visit, I assure you, you wont be disappointed! La Cave des Papilles is dedicated to natural wines, and of the 1200 wines on offer 80% are produced organically. The selection is unpretentious and not only pleasing to your taste buds but also to your health. If you’re looking to discover natural wine made by honest winemakers then this is the place to go. The owner knows each supplier personally resulting in very knowledgeable staff. The wines are also completely affordable with a large choice of bottles ranging from 3 – 10 euros each! Drink happily, healthily and cheaply, what more could we ask for?



3-5 Boulevard de la Madeleine, 75001
The elaborately decorated, three-story tall wine retailer, Lavinia, is the closest thing Paris has to a wine supermarket! With a selection of the most sought after wine producers in France, as well as a large international choice, it is one of Paris’ most popular wine retailers. They offer more than just a sale, but an exchange off passion and knowledge of the wines and their orientation. The upstairs wine bar tends to attract an after work crowd seeking to enjoy some of the most pleasurable wines the world has to offer. If you’re looking for a broad selection including some of the lesser-known wines this is the place to go. The chic décor and the passionate staff are an experience on their own!


Le Vin en Tête
30 Rue des Batignolles, 75017
Another choice for those more health conscious is Le vin en Tête which has been in existence for over 10 years supplying natural and biodynamic wines. With environment and honest wine making processes being key, they offer weekly tasting sessions and educational courses to promote and share these values and allow you to learn the science behind winemaking and the differences between natural and biodynamic wines. Le vin en Tête offers a huge variety of over 1200 wines and spirits lined up against the walls of what can only be described as a typical French wine cave.


Le Grand Filles et Fils
1 Rue de la Banque, 75002
Located in the charming and elegant Galerie Vivienne is another wine gem of Paris. True to it’s name, it is the grandfather of Parisian wine retailers offering an array of fine wine from all over the world. First and foremost it is a shop, but there is a small bar where you can enjoy wine by the glass (tends to be burgundy) with a charcuterie plate to accompany it. Although the wine is not cheap, the extensive choice, quality and expertise more than makes up for it. With its warm and refined atmosphere of brass and wood it has the perfect ambience to enjoy and discover the best of new and old wines.



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