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This week’s neighborhood guide blog post gets extra up close and personal, bringing you to this petite rue in the 9th arrondissement in Paris: rue Henry Monnier. Named after the French playwright and actor, this street is situated in the trendy So-Pi neighborhood and is full of awesome places to eat, shop, and visit.




Sugar Daze

Owned and run by American expat Cat, Sugar Daze bakery makes authentic American cupcakes that taste just like back home! Stop in and grab a treat and a tea, or special order your cupcakes, they’re totally customizable. She also does private cupcake baking and decorating classes.




With locations in both Paris and Brooklyn, Buvette has that naturally cool vibe that these cities are so well known for. Buvette, which means tavern or drinking spot in French, masters the “local cafe” feel. Stop in for some scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and mascarpone, or one of their famous egg and waffle sandwiches. Or, if you’re just looking to freshen up, they have a delicious strawberry Pimm’s cup, a personal favorite of ours from their menu!





Named the #1 florist in Paris by Vanity Fair, Debaulieu’s flowers are truly pieces of art. The shop is owned and run by Pierre Banchereau, who is known for his creative presentation and use of antique vases.



Pois Plume

Pois Plume is one of those shops that impresses you from the minute you walk in. The soft colors and adorable pieces on display will draw you in and have you browsing, even if you dont have a baby to shop for. All trendy and tasteful baby items, you can get absolutely everything your little one might need.




Le Rocketship

This funky cafe serves as both a local watering hole and concept store! Stop by to have a cup of coffee with friends and do some perusing around the store while you’re here. There is bound to be something that catches your eye!



Streets of Paris: rue Henry Monnier album 

And to leave you with something special, check out this compilation album named after the rue Henry Monnier!




  1. Paris is certainly full of wonderful spots. I especially like your old postcard photo. Wow – 1903!

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