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For the second edition of our Neighborhood Guide series we move from the 9th arrondissement further south to a pedestrian-dominated, uber-trendy quartier of shopping and lunching known as Montorgueil.

Montorgueil is located in the 2nd arrondissement loosely between the metros Sentier and Etienne Marcel. Rue Montorgueil is one of Paris’ classic market streets and is always filled with daily shoppers picking up their fish, meats and vegetables. The small street (only about 5 blocks long) also has a great number of dining and drinking spots. The real gems in this area, however, are located on the off streets on either side of rue Montorgueil and it’s neighbor, rue Montmartre.

This area is packed with great shopping. All of the classic mid-range shopping brands like Maje, Les Petites, and Zadig and Voltaire line the lower section of rue Montmartre and some of the higher end brands like Barbara Bui line rue Etienne Marcel as you head out of the metro or continue up to shops like La Maison Momoni (36 Rue Etienne Marcel) for some trendy Italian shopping.

The one not-to-miss mecca of shopping in the area is Kiliwatch (64 rue Tiquetonne), right next to the iconic Cafe Etienne Marcel, where you can find some of the latest styles or spend hours shuffling through their vintage section. Continue on to Pilgrim (54 rue Tiquetonne) to pick up some cute (and cheap!) accessories and past rue Montorgueil to a great kids boutique, Not So Big (38 rue Tiquetonne). Don’t forget to cross the street to shop at Aesop‘s latest boutique (29 rue Tiquetonne) for some fabulous skincare.

Moving upwards to the small rue d’Argout, be sure to stop into number 46 for some great vintage shopping before sitting down at one of Paris’ newest and hottest burger joints, Blend (44 rue d’Argout), for a mouthwatering burger (veggie and chicken options available too!) or grab a bagel at Adele’s Family (67 rue d’Argout).

Continue to eat your way back towards rue Montorgueil by way of Thai restaurant Silk & Spice (6 rue Mandar) or take a class at their atelier located just across the street. One cannot talk about dining in this area without mentioning the famed Frenchie (5 rue du Nil) where it has been rumored that an online reservation setup will soon make snagging a table a tad easier.

Don’t forget that this is the best area to shop for culinary supplies (in case you don’t feel like eating out). G Detou (58 rue Tiquetonne) is the one-stop-shop for all of those hard-to-find baking and cooking ingredients with everything from sliced pistachios to xanthan gum and more! David Lebovitz, as well as many others, swear by this magical place. Mora (13 rue Montmartre) and E. Dehillerin (18 rue Coquillière) are our top picks for culinary accessories and supplies. These shops are the local chef’s mecca in Paris.

While there are bars and cafes at what seems like every corner in this hip nightlife spot, the two stand-out locations for some quality drink are the Experimental boys’ flagship bar, Experimental Cocktail Club (37 rue Saint-Sauveur) where you can sip deliciously crafted cocktails in this sleek NYC-style lounge and the Frenchie Bar à Vins (6 rue du Nil) that serves great wine as well as some very yummy culinary delights (in case you can’t get a reservation at the restaurant)!

Do you have any not-to-miss spots to add in this trendy central Parisian quartier? Let us know!



  1. Cool that you’ve added to your Wonderful Neighborhood Series! One of my fave shops in Paris is the cooking supply store E.Dehillerin — and love it that Frenchie’s is included, too. Well done!

  2. I could spend hours (and a lot of money) at E.Dehillerin! Glad you enjoyed it, Daisy!

  3. […] was recently walking around the Montorgeuil area, however, and realized that everywhere I looked there were bagel shops! I decided to do a bit […]

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