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As winter sings it’s final songs, we begin to entertain thoughts of sunshine and wardrobe changes.  Hibernation season can be very anti motivating when it comes to getting exercise and keeping our bodies healthy and limber.  Yoga, in my mind, is a perfect remedy for rusty joints, tight muscles or just  overstressed minds and bodies.

To give you a more intimate, absolutely personalized experience, allow us to introduce to you Meritxell, our private yoga specialist!   This lovely gem of a woman, hails from Barcelona and has called Paris home for 10 years.  Referred to us by a trusted client, who has been a student of Meritxell (pronounced Ma ri chel) for 8 years, we decided to treat ourselves to a private session at home with Meretxell.

The invigorating hour of energizing vinyasa poses and renewing breath exercises flew by.  To finish the session during the relaxation time, an intoxicating oil, Anti-Stress Body Oil by Alquimia was placed on our forehead to better allow relaxation.  It smelled amazing!  After the session,  Meritxell was obliged to fill us in on a bit about her life as a yogi.

Her practices started in 1996, while living in New York City.  Then just shortly after in 1997, she began her studies as yoga instructor at New York Open center and at Jivamukti Yoga center in NY.  She came to Paris after living 6 years in New York where she studied contemporary dance and choreography as well as Yoga.  It was essentially her dancing projects that brought her Paris.

Vinyasa and dynamic hata yoga are Meritxell’s specialties as far as teaching goes.  She shared her approach to yoga with us and is as follows:

“The dynamic yoga works the breath « pranayama », as well as the postures « asana ».

 Synchronizing the respiration and the movement we flow from one posture into the next with the breath.

This way we get stronger (physically and mentally) and more flexible, we attain the relaxation and reduce the stress .” 

On a more personal level, she works in theatre and in cinema as a danser, actress  and script writer.  In addition, she also teaches Pilates.  Now there’s a free spirited, modern woman if you ask me!  And based on the way we felt after our session, we’re sure you will be absolutely thrilled with the results and experience this lovely woman will take you on.  She is indeed a gem!

Meritxell’s rates:

One-on -one : 50€

Duos : 30€ per person

Trios : 20€ per person


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