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I returned from shopping with my best friend who was visiting us in New Orleans from Atlanta in Spring of 2015, and my husband Doug, without so much as saying hello, asked, “ Do you want to move to Paris?” Both of us knowing Doug so well, immediately knew he was serious. My BFF started jumping up and down shouting, “Do it!” On the inside I was jumping up and down too, but I’m always the practical, level-headed one that has to understand all the pieces before taking the leap.

To make a long story short, we said yes! We said yes to an opportunity that allowed us to move to Paris and take over an existing photography business in the City of Love. For the last 12 years we’ve also operated a wedding photography business in New Orleans and it always felt a bit like cheating with the colorful facades of the French Quarter, but shooting in Par is really is an artist’s dream! There are beautiful locations at every turn. We now operate and manage L’amour de Paris, one of the premier portrait and elopement photography studios in Paris. We specialize in portraits and elopements in Paris, with the occasional session outside of Paris, such as in the lavender fields of Provence.


Photo courtesy of L’Amour de Paris – Eiffel Tower

When we are getting to know our clients, the talks always go towards life in Paris, and we are happy to share our experiences and knowledge with them of this magical and romantic city. In fact, providing people with a unique and special experience overall is what we pride ourselves in.

Imagine the sun rising just behind the Eiffel Tower and the lack of tourists at this time of the morning makes you and your significant other feel like you have Paris all to yourselves. It’s an exquisite backdrop for some amazing portraits. Then there’s the perfectly manicured tree-lined walking path in the Tuileries Gardens with the Louvre looming majestically in the background, as you exchange vows during an intimate elopement ceremony. For more color perhaps you choose the beautifully landscaped Luxembourg Gardens.

Photo courtesy of L’Amour de Paris – Jardin du Palais-Royal 

Or maybe you visited Paris on your honeymoon years ago, and now you’re arriving for the first time with your new family to have a completely different, but equally amazing, Paris experience. A family portrait session with us is the perfect way to document this very special time in your family’s life. If you’re looking for something a bit more interactive but still photo related, you can book one of our new ventures, My Paris Snapshot, which is a walking polaroid tour. We will share some photography knowledge as well as little anecdotes about Paris, and you leave with instant pieces of art that you created yourself!

Photo courtesy of L’Amour de Paris – Paris streets

And finally, if you’re looking to visit Paris and do as the Parisians do and slow down and enjoy life, we can provide a luxury picnic for you and your significant other, or your entire family! We source the best local cheeses, wine or champagne, artisan baguettes and all the other French picnic essentials. Everything from the blanket to server ware is set and ready for you upon your arrival. When you’re finished, we pick it all up for you. It’s like your own private Paris café with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower or under the shade of a tree in the Tuileries overlooking The Louvre.

Photo courtesy of L’Amour de Paris

We recently wrote a blog post that provides useful tips for planning an elopement in Paris. If this is something you are looking to do, please head over to the site and take a look! If this doesn’t fit, we think you’ll enjoy the tips on the site about navigating the metro, or details about our favorite mapsapp. And certainly don’t forget that a photo session makes a special memento of your time spent in Paris with your loved ones!

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We hope to see you soon! We’re ready to help you take Paris home by having memories that will last a lifetime! You can find us here:

L’amour de Paris www.lamourdeparis.com   @lamourdeparis
My Paris Snapshot .  www.myparissnapshot.com    @myparissnapshot

Photo courtesy of L’Amour de Paris


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