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Today’s post is by our new photography partner, Katie Donnelly. An American expat herself, Katie moved to Paris, set up her photography business, and never looked back! Keep reading to find out her story, her inspiration, and her favorite photoshoot spots in the City of Light.

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Do you know that feeling where you’re at your grandparents home sorting through old photos of them young, married…you stumble upon photos of your parents as babies and you get this feeling in your stomach that immediately shoots into your heart like a bolt of lightening… it’s sort of hard to put your finger on it…

And suddenly you know, it’s the feeling of coming from something.
From somewhere.
Bigger than you.
Bigger than your parents and kids.
It’s nostalgia, family, and togetherness, all wrapped up in a box full of photographs.

I call it the feeling of legacy.

It’s what we came from. It’s where we are going. It’s not just for us. It’s for our grandchildren too. It’s our story. THAT is why I created Katie Donnell Photography. It’s not about the perfect portrait in jeans and a white shirt. It’s about telling the story of your family, and your love, with your glorious personalities shining through and documenting your legacy.


Photo courtesy of Katie Donnelly


I created it for every type of family : Big ones with 7 kids, Fur-mammas with their fur-babies, best friends, and single parents. We are there to capture the joy and create stunning works of art for your home.


But who is Katie Donnelly Photography?


Photo courtesy of Katie Donnelly


KDP is a local business that I (Katie) created about 4 years ago and has grown with an international clientele. Though based in Paris, we frequently travel around the country, and world, for our clients. We have the best clients in the world and love the HECK out of them (and they love us too!).

We are what you’d call a full service portrait studio – from pre-session consult, to portrait session, viewing and selecting your favourites, and then seeing them up on your wall, we are their guiding you through the experience every step of the way. You leave with an exceptional art piece to pass down through generations.


Photo courtesy of Katie Donnelly


I’m not going to stay too long on me, because it’s not about me, it’s about you and your story, and how to best document it.

I’ve put together a few of my absolute favorite off the beaten path places in Paris to have your portrait session, or just take photos in general. Whilst still staying very “Paris” we are not going to talk about the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, or Notre Dame today.

Here are five places I absolutely LOVE to photograph for myself and my clients. (Inside tip : Bring visitors here just to walk around! They’ll be in heaven!

Jardin du Luxembourg –  Inside this garden is a whole deck of cards worth of locations. Little ones LOVE the ducks in the main fountains by the Palais, the Medici fountain is exceptional and located just next to the Palais on the eastern side, and the hidden quiet gardens in the south west corner are perfect for a calm beautiful, and still very Parisian, setting.

Place Dauhpine – This is still SO central but often gets overlooked as it’s sitting between the Notre Dame and the Louvre. It’s a quiet place that floods with sunlight in the morning and is just next to the Pont Neuf with views of Paris, the Seine, and the Eiffel Tower.

Streets of Montmartre – These are still quite famous but also often forgotten as they’re a bit out of the way compared to the more central Paris locations. These hilly streets are quiet and cobblestoned. It’s easy to get a little lost and stumble upon small parks and staircases that lend perfectly to portraits. If you avoid all directions that leaf off from Montmartre and Place du Tertre, you’ll find new and enchanting places for portraits and general wandering.

Place Vendôme – A FAMOUS place with names like the Ritz and Van Clef and Arples adorning it, though rarely do you see people walking around there. The buildings surrounding you are impeccably maintained, the streets are kept clean, and there’s enough space to get a variety of backdrops within just a few steps.

Parc de Sceaux – A 15-20 minute drive from Paris (or hop on the RER B), Parc de Sceaux is a jewel during every single season. From the cherry blossoms in the spring, to golden foliage in the fall, the parks vast array of locations (from the Chateau, to fountains, to orchards) can give you any feel you’d like.

Have you been to any of these Parisian spots before? Which ones are your favourites?


Photo courtesy of Katie Donnelly


I know you are itching for more, so just for YOU I’ve put together a 5 step guide to a stress free photo session! Just enter your email address over HERE and you’ll have instant access, amongst an array of other helpful guides on Paris, speaking beginner French, and access to my Paris photo archives. Enjoy!


Photo courtesy of Katie Donnelly


Katie Donnelly is the owner and one of the photographers of Katie Donnelly Photography, a Paris Family Portrait Company.

Website : www.katiedonnellyphotography.com
Instagram : www.instagram.com/katiedonnelly_ or @katiedonnelly_

Facebook : www.facebook.com/donnelly.katie






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