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Of course Paris is the capital of beauty. Beautiful architecture, beautiful women, beautiful pastries.  But we shouldn’t overlook the fact that the men of this city are also worth admiring.  Those nicely cut suits, cool kicks, and messy hairdos don’t go unnoticed (*swoon swoon*). This week I checked out the spots where men go to get pampered, primped, and put together.  Here’s my rundown of where you’ll want to take your guy to spoil him. Let’s hear it for the boys!


Les Mauvais Garçons Paris:

Doesn’t this place just sound naughty? Les Mauvais Garçons Paris, The Bad Boys of Paris.  This barber shop is the ultimate stop for men looking to take good care of their beards and sport trendy hair styles.  They offer the basic shampooing and cut, but also venture into more elaborate services such as beard trimming, close shaves, and even hair coloring (which won’t leave men with those awful frosted tips we saw in the 90s. Side note: let’s collectively agree to never bring those back!)  This is a swanky place with swagtastic employees who will help you tame your man’s overgrown hipster beard without him sacrificing his dignity.

This is an awesome site I stumbled upon on Twitter. acts as a personal stylist for men looking to be dapper at any event.  You select the sort of style you’re looking for—work conference, weekend sailing in Bretagne, dinner with your girlfriend’s parents—and the site, using your style preferences, crafts your perfect outfit.  The company sends the looks straight to your door and you can try them all on and ship anything you don’t like back—free of charge (within 7 days).  This is great for men who are busy and either don’t have much time for shopping or those that need a little guidance for the best cut and assembled designs.

Monsieur Jean Yvnes:

Monsieur Jean Yves is the king of high quality bow ties and silk accessories for men.  This is a perfect place to check out when you’re headed to a formal event.  The online site and boutiques offer classic bow ties to more avant-garde ones that are sure to steal the spotlight at any event.  Who says men don’t love accessories?! These little pieces are fabricated with the utmost detail and you’ll find some that contain leather, feathers, and cashmeres in addition to the silk bowties.  A cool and unique gift idea for ladies looking to spruce up their arm candy’s wardrobe.



Dandy Box is the male equivalent to Birch Box and other swagerific bundles that are sent straight to your home.  Men subscribe to the service which includes upwards of 150Euro worth of merchandise for only 50Euro a box (boxes come once every two months).  Inside the box guys will find cuff links, cologne, magazines, watches, card games, aftershave, wine, you name it! This is a speedy way for men to try out the latest products and fashions that are on the rise. Don’t worry ladies, it’s become so popular in France, that they’ve made a service for you too!

La Shaperie:

La Shaperie is the more hipster friendly barber for any men who think Les Mauvauise Garçons sounds too straight edge for them.  The barbers here know how to use a razor, but they also advise you on shades, hats, and frames if you’re looking to play up your coif.  Take a picture in front of their optic dartboard and you just might be featured on their instagram page.  This place is the epitome of swagtastic and I’m bringing all my guy friends here for makeovers STAT. Get yo swag on gents!


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