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Nothing says Holiday Season like some holiday baking!

Spice up your apartment and warm your souls this winter with this delicious recipe for pain d’épices. We have teamed up with the fabulous Montmartre-based cooking school Cook’n With Class to bring you one of the easiest and best recipes we have ever made for this French classic.

Pain d’épices is a honey cake flavoured with various spices. While the cake is similar to gingerbread, this French classic contains no molasses and is made with whole grain flour and spiced with aniseed.

Originally a staple of Reims and then later of Dijon after World War I decimated most of the industry in Reims, pain d’épices has also become very popular in Alsace. Pain d’épices is sold in small loaves and can be served in thin slices with foie gras or simply with some salted butter for an afternoon goûter.


350 grams of Honey
40 grams of Brown Sugar
125 grams of Bread Flour
125 grams of Rye Flour
10 grams of Baking Powder
1 tablespoon Spice Mix
2 Eggs
100 ml of Milk


Heat the Honey and hte Sugar to a boil quickly, then let cool slightly (5 minutes).

Mix all the dry ingredients and then make a well.

Add the Eggs and Milk in the middle. Mix with a spatula, while adding the warm honey.

Mixing from the middle, keeping the wet in the middle until a smooth dough is formed.

Line a terrine 12″x3″ pan with butter and parchment. Add the dough and bake for about 20-30 minutes at 175 C or 375 F. Until internal temperature reads 82 C or 180 F.

Let cool on a rack and serve at room temperature.


Spice Mix:

Equal parts by weight:

Orange Zest
Star Anise
Dried Ginger

This recipe was created for Cook’n With Class by Chef Alex


Whip this up for family and friends this winter and don’t forget to pair it with our recipe for vin chaud from last year!


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