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From the fresh pastries at the bouglangerie to a nice warm meal at a trendy bistro, Paris is not lacking in good food. In fact, French cuisine is so important that it is protected by UNESCO. But sometimes expats, and even some French, get tired of French food and start craving things from other countries. My friends and I stock up on our favorite American treats every time we go back to the States; for me it is peanut butter and oatmeal. But as more and more anglophones come to Paris, speciality anglo food stores have been popping up all over the city. Here are some of our favorite places to stock up on anglophone products for snacking or for your Thanksgiving and holiday meals.

20 Rue Saint-Paul  75004

For most Americans, this is the go-to shop for all the things to cure their homesickness. They have everything from sugary American cereals and M&M flavors I didn’t know existed, to Betty Crocker cake mixes and pumpkin pie necessities. In the back of the shop, they have a small baking section complete with measuring cups and all the materials you need to roast your Thanksgiving turkey. The store is famous for its “American-style” turkeys (heavy on white meat) that it sells every year. Stop by the store a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving to pre-order one and pick up your authentic side dishes.

Grand Epicerie
38 Rue de Sèvres  75007

The Grand Epicerie is known for stocking interesting, high-quality foods from around the world. Their anglophone sections are no exception. Look for the sections labeled “Grande Bretagne” and “USA, Canada” to easily find your favorite products. The selection changes somewhat depending on the season and the demand. For example, on my recent visit cranberry sauce and Libby’s pumpkin puree occupied the majority of the American section. Year-round they sell a variety of salad dressings, chips and baking supplies. There is also an extensive Tex-Mex section. Some Anglophone products may be shelved with the French products, so be sure to check around the rest of the store.

Here you can shop for a wide variety of American food brands without leaving the comfort of your home! Out of all the places in this guide, they have by far the widest selection of products. They do require a minimum of 20 euros for each purchase, but with so many things to choose from it is very easy to end up with more than the minimum.

Adele’s Family
67, rue d’Argout, 75002 Paris

Adele’s Family is an épicerie as well as a “bagel café”. In the shop, you can find a selection of products such as peanut butter, pancake syrup and eggnog. Once you are done shopping, sit down and have a bagel sandwich or a hot dog washed down with a root beer.   The café is a good one-stop shop to stock up on American food products and satisfy your hunger.

Let us know in the comments if there are other spots around Paris where you buy anglophone products!



  1. Don’t forget about the Real McCoy! I haven’t made it to Adele’s yet, definitely want to stop by. Thanksgiving is heaven.

  2. Bagel Tom on rue Volta has things like A&W root beer, Dr. Pepper and French’s mustard. They also sell bagel sandwiches named after NFL teams, rather randomly it seems (nothing says Philly like tuna and mayo!) I’ve never tried them, but passed it many times on the way to banh mi and Chine Store for Asian groceries. Apparently they’ve just opened a new branch at Sentier metro as well.

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