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About two years ago, we put out our review of the food delivery services available in Paris. At the time, food delivery services had just started booming. Up until around 2015, we were pretty much limited to Alloresto and pizza delivery services, before Deliveroo, Foodora, Take Eat Easy, and others, came in and disrupted the market. Now that these services are more established, and those who didn’t survive have closed down, we’re ready to update you on our preferred services, starting with our favorite, so that you can get the best food for the best price in the shortest amount of time.


Photo by Deliveroo


Deliveroo is our favorite of all the delivery services. Unsurprisingly, Deliveroo was started by someone who had lived in New York and experienced the plethora of food delivery services available in the city that never sleeps (and orders a lot of delivery). Deliveries take place between 12pm and 11:30pm, with only a €2.50 delivery fee. There are geographical restriction to their deliveries, but this ensures your delivery arrives in 30 minutes or less. The reasons Deliveroo is our favorite service:

  1. The progress of the delivery and location of the driver are trackable;
  2. 9/10 the delivery arrives on time;
  3. When it doesn’t, your account is automatically credited €5, no need to contact the company to get the credit;
  4. You have the option of adding a driver tip directly through the website- no more fumbling around for change!



Photo by Frichti


Frichti is different from the other delivery services in the best way. Rather than delivering from restaurants around the city, Frichti delivers healthy, seasonal, and affordable home cooked meals- all you have to do is reheat! They cater to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, and the menu changes regularly so you never get bored. Our current favorites: the coconut milk dhal, and the ginger-marinated gravlax and carrots. You can also order alcohol, snacks, charcuterie, and meals that need to be cooked at home, like pasta and pizza. A feature we love is the multiple different ordering time options:

  1. Pick between a selected time frame (for €1.30);
  2. If you know you’ll be home and you’re not pressed for time, select “anytime before 8pm” for €1;
  3. If you’re super hungry right now, select express delivery for €2.50, where they can often have the meal to you within 15 minutes!

The only downside to Frichti is that the delivery driver does not come up to your apartment door, you must go down to the street to meet them… which is one of the real advantages of ordering delivery, no?



Photo by UberEats


All you need to order is the Uber app, which you probably already have! Uber has partnered with over 100 restaurants to bring you fresh, delicious food in 30 minutes, but more often than not, because their delivery drivers are on scooters instead of bicycles, they arrive in 10 minutes! As with the other delivery services, UberEats charges €2.50 per order, and is available from 11am to 11pm, 7 days a week.



Photo by Paris Picnic

Paris Picnic

For when you’re out and about exploring Paris and decide to have an impromptu picnic on the Seine (we’ve all been there!). Instead of running around to a bakery for baguettes, a butcher for charcuterie, the market for fruits and veggies, and Nicolas for wine, save yourself the time and energy and order a Paris Picnic. Set up by American expat and chef Justin Kent, this gourmet service delivers delicious farm-fresh picnic baskets to your location.


Which delivery services we do not recommend:


Foodora: In our blog, we like to focus our energy on providing positive, relevant, and up-to-date information on the goings-on in Paris, and are not in the habit of bad-mouthing other companies. However, providing this information means complete honesty, which is why we advise against using Foodora. It definitely has its merits, the biggest one being their delivery zone is wider than other services. Unfortunately, we have been discouraged from using their services because:

  1. Their delivery drivers are rarely on time (often up to 20-30 minutes late);
  2. They offer no compensation for late deliveries;
  3. The delivery progress and driver tracking systems are inaccurate (delivery time goes up and down; drivers often turn off their location);
  4. They do not offer a way to tip drivers through the website.

We use Foodora when we have a serious craving for a meal unavailable through the other services and the time (and patience) to wait for a long delivery.


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