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Great gadgets can make our lives easier and more efficient and this is especially true when it comes to travel. In recent years, power banks have stolen all of the glory as the must have travel gadget, and for good reason, we rely on our phones for all sort of activities, especially when travelling, such as finding our way around and taking photos, so they are extremely handy.

But we delved a little deeper and found some equally great travel gadgets that will simplify your tech and life while you’re travelling. While there are hundreds of ingenious gadgets that could have been included in our list, we tried to include a range that will help you with different aspects of your travel adventure, from packing, security, internet connectivity, and well-being. So without further introduction, check out this great infographic put together by hotel company De Vere to discover some great travel gadgets you might not have seen before:


Upgrade your luggage– De Vere recommends luggage by Trunkster, with zipperless entry, location tracking, USB charging, and digital scales. Never again will you worry about your phone having low battery!


Secure your bags: With this awesome Noke bluetooth padlock you’ll never forget your combination again! Just be sure to keep your phone charged (but that shouldn’t be a problem with your new USB charging suitcase.)


Charging your battery: Gone are the days where you find yourself running from restaurant to restaurant looking for an outlet to charge your phone. Invest in a hand crank phone charger and charge your phone (or computer, headphones, etc), and get an arm workout at the same time!


Never lose your internet connection: Whether you’re traveling for work and need to keep track of your emails, or are bad at reading maps and you rely on Google maps, an internet connection can sometimes be crucial to international travel. Pick up a GlocalMe to help you keep a wireless connection wherever you are.


Never lose your headphones again: Headphones are constantly being upgraded and reinvented, we have wireless/bluetooth, wrap around ears, in ear, on ear, etc. No matter the type of headphones you have, we’re sure you’ve spent some time digging through your bag to find them, and then untangling if they have wires. Do yourself a favor and get some Wraps Headphones, which can be transformed into a bracelet and worn on your wrist.


Internet in every country: As most of us do, you probably bring multiple gadgets with you when you travel. Between your computer and your phone and your camera and your headphones, that’s a lot of batteries to charge! Pick up this Satechi internet adapter and router, which acts as a power adapter and mobile router for over 150 countries.


Avoid the one problem that can ruin any trip: Upgrade your toiletries with OneSoap, an ultra portable and spill proof soap container! Never again will you open your luggage to find your shampoo exploded all over your clothes. Added bonus: it doesn’t fall under flight liquid restricts. Don’t be like Ross Geller, be prepared.


Sleep anywhere, but leave your shame at the door: Yes, you may look silly. Yes, your friends might call you an ostrich. But you’ll get the last laugh when they’re dragging their feet and you’re well rested, thanks to the famous Ostrich pillow. Short of digging your head in the sand like a real ostrich, you wont find a more relaxing and comfortable environment for sleeping on the go.



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