Dining-In: An Authentic Experience

This is a guest post by our fabulous Fall intern Laurel Heidewohl. Laurel is a student at The American University of Paris and was one of our favorite interns. She had a wonderful experience at EatWith and wanted to share it with our readers. We hope you enjoy!


Ever indulged in a scrumptious meal with a handful of strangers? We have… and let us tell you – it was more than delightful!

EatWith, an online global community that invites you to intimately relish in a homemade dining experience of your choice, has revolutionized our outlook on eating out.

7:25 pm – we exit the Grands Boulevards metro stop to find our way to location of the dinner party.

7:32 pm – we’re already following the alluring fragrance to the door of our host, Alexis.

We are greeted with enchantment; lovely smiles, a glass of champagne and the most mouth watering spiced potato wafers along with a pumpkin caviar for dipping. To say the least, the all embracing guests and I plunged into the hors d’oeuvres and into conversation!

8:00 pm – and all the guest have arrived as we summoned to the table to be served one of Alexis’ seasonal specialties: cèpe mushroom veloute with fois gras and croutons generously sprinkled one should be obligated to taste in their lifetime!

Already satisfied with the veloute and the newly released Beaujolais, Alexis surprises us with a homemade apple sorbet spiked with brandy to further excite our appetite!

9:00 pm – Coquelets fresh from the oven with a side of potato puree and sweet carrots leave us clinching to our utensils and Bon Appetite! The room nearly silent as all focus goes towards pampering our tastebuds.

Big eyes and smiles surround the table until the very last bite !

9:57 pm – Alexis happily takes our empty plates only to enthusiastically return with a splendid array of cheese! Just as we couldn’t have asked for more, Alexis runs into the kitchen to bring specialty butter and honey to drizzle over the already exquisite flavors!  True Frenchman, and true host!

Did we forget to mention the rich truffle chocolates leaving the sweetest taste lingering in our mouths and minds?




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