Cleansing into 2014 with Bob’s Cold Press Juices


After the heavy eating and high amounts of sugar over the holiday season followed by a 2-week vacation in the US, I was in need of a healthy jump-start into 2014. Being a huge fan of Marc and Amaury from Bob’s Juice Bar and Bob’s Kitchen I jumped on the opportunity to try their Bob’s Cold Press Juice Cleanse.

I filled out their order form and immediately got a response for a PayPal transfer and was on my way to a healthier new year! Bob’s Cold Press (BCP) uses 100% organic produce to make their raw juices through a process known as “cold pressing” in which massive hydraulic pressure is applied at low temperatures to extract the most juice in the least oxidizing way. The result is a super-juice that stays more nutritious longer.

BCP has teamed up with nutritionist Melanie Stephens to design their well-balanced nutritionally complete cleanse. The BCP cleanse floods your body with easily absorbed vitamins, minerals and powerful phytonutrients while lightening your normal digestive load to flush out toxins and keep you energized and focused. The cleanse provides all the necessary protein for your detoxification enzymes to work at full speed.

Not only is the BCP cleanse incredibly effective physically, its delicious! Each morning, a BCP delivery man (and a cute one, I might add!) delivers your juices to your front door. As I drank juice after juice my taste buds were dancing with joy. On the Base Juice Cleanse, you eat one meal a day to supplement the juices. These days look like this:

On rising: 1 Lemon Ginger Water (250 ml) 
Breakfast: 1 Protein Nut Milk (500 ml)
Mid-Morning: 1 Green Juice (500 ml)
Lunch: 1 delicious and filling BCP CLEANSE APPROVED MEAL (not included)
Mid-Afternoon: 1 Spicy Carrot juice (250 ml)
Late afternoon: 1 Beet Pineapple Ginger Juice (500 ml)
Dinner: Drink 1 Green Juice (500 ml)

Your day starts off with the refreshing burst of lemon and ginger to wake up your mind and your digestive tract. I loved the Protein Nut Milk since the rich and creamy taste was just what I crave in the morning and the protein-packed nutrients filled me up. The tangy green cocktail to follow is rich in leafy greens, spirulina for a deep cleans, anti-inflammatory ginger and celery and mint for kidney support. You drink two of these a day for a deep cleanse.

After lunch, the antioxidant carrot juice helps slow down aging and boosts your immune system with its delicious sweet and spicy flavor.  My personal favorite juice was the combination of beetroot, pineapple and ginger that left me feeling energized and flushed out all of the toxins in my system. You have the option to do a one-day juice fast where you do not eat a solid meal for lunch. I truly loved every single juice I tried and even after the third day, my stomach felt satisfied throughout.

Whether you are feeling sluggish and out of balance or just feel like a quick and delicious boost into the new year, we strongly recommend Bob’s Juice Cleanse. If this seems like a bit too intense for you, you can buy some of the BCP juices at their two shops below. They are also opening up a new Bakeshop this month that we are eagerly awaiting!

Bob’s Juice Bar
15 rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris
Mon-Fri: 7:30am – 3pm
Sat: 8:30am-4pm
Bob’s Kitchen
74 rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris
Mon-Fri: 8am – 3pm (take-out only before 11:30am)
Sat-Sun: 10:30am – 4pm
Bob’s Cold Press 
10 Passage Rochebrune, 75011 Pari
* Visits by appointment only *
Bob’s Bake Shop
22 bis rue Pajol, 75018 Paris
* Opening Soon !! *

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