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Spring 2016 Wardrobe Essentials

Seeing as spring is just around the corner and Paris Fashion Week has come to an end, we thought it would be appropriate to do a round-up of the essential spring-wear pieces for this season. We are very much looking forward to the arrival of warmer weather so that we can rock our new wardrobe finds!


With so many beautiful fashion trends this spring it has been extremely hard to narrow it down to the essentials. From cold shoulders to clinched in waists, long floral dresses, pastel tones, ruffled dresses, metallic fabrics, pleats, stripes and mini handbags, the list is endless. Allow us to help you out with some of our favourite  “must have” items for spring 2016.



Photo courtesy of Fashionista

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SFP’s Top 5 Instagrams to Follow

Since 2010, Instagram has taken the world by storm. It has become the new, most relevant way to blog and share your thoughts and ideas. Some use the platform to promote their business, others to share their selfies, and others to garner attention for their photography. In any case, we’ve fallen in love with the platform and want to share some of our favorite accounts to follow. Enjoy!


Paris Promenade

A sort of jack of all trades, French girl Audrey works as a flat hunter in Paris, runs a website highlighting a few of her favorite things in Paris, and runs the popular Instagram Paris Promenade. Equipped with only an iPhone and her keen eye for photography, Audrey brings the beauty of the hidden corners of Paris straight to your smartphone. Continue reading

Specialty Shops Follow-Up

As you can probably tell, here at SFP we love our shopping, especially when it’s for artisanal foods, hand crafted products, and independent boutiques specialising in specific goods. We have written a few of these posts in the past, some with more of a focus on food, but, of course, the ever expanding city of Paris is always surprising us with new pop ups and specialty shops around the city. Therefore, we like to keep you up to date with some of our favourite shopping spots in the city to find those special and one-off purchases!



Photo courtesy of Mon Éclair (ME)

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Le Bon Marché: The Other French Revolution

This is a guest post by Lindsay Poulin at Context Travel. They have shared some of their expert advice on some fun new ways to discover the City of Light. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Hermès… These names remind us that fashion and Paris are synonymous, with styles and trends changing as quickly as the temperamental Parisian weather.  Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to the grands magasins to shop designer labels; given their grandeur, these stores seem to have been a fixture in the fabric of French fashion history since the whimsical styles of Marie-Antoinette’s court. However, the concept of shopping at a department store is actually a more recent – and revolutionary – development, a facet docent Virgina Vogwill, who has spent over a decade working as a costumer in the French film industry, explores on our new walk covering the history of fashion in Paris.

Up and Down.Throughout the 18th and early 19th centuries, the business of fashion was dominated by designers such as Rose Bertin, Charles Worth and Jacques Doucet, who held court in their ateliers on rue de la Paix and rue Saint-Honoré. Their expensive and made-to-order styles attracted royalty and aristocracy from all over the world, establishing Paris as a true fashion capital. So when did this change? Continue reading

Viaduc des Arts

Paris is one of those cities where there is so much going on and so much to see in all the neighborhoods that, naturally, there are some areas that get overlooked. For me, that area is the Viaduc des Arts in the 12th arrondissement.


I had been to the Bercy shopping area, to Bastille, to the Bois de Vincennes, and though I had driven by it a thousand times, I had never actually stopped and walked the Viaduc des Arts, a vast stretch of artists and artisans and cafes lining one side of Avenue Daumesnil. Continue reading

Luxury Lingerie: Where to Shop

Every true Parisienne has her essential wardrobe items; designer handbag, beautifully printed neck scarf, classic trench coat and last, but by no means least, a drawer full of sassy and sexy lingerie. It would be an understatement to say that lingerie is an important part of the French culture and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying lingerie in Paris.


 The French appreciation for lace, embroidery and carefully handcrafted garments becomes apparent as soon as you step out into the City of Lights. Lingerie is not to be worn for practicality, but to be noticed and admired. As Valentines Day approaches we would like to share some of our favourite places to buy lingerie in Paris. Treat yourself this month and feel like the sexy, elegant and sassy woman that you are!

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Best Of | Kids Shopping in Paris

It isn’t hard to noticed how well dressed some of the Parisian children are in this city. Moms-to-be as well as their offspring are dressed to the T and decked out in some of the hottest baby gear all year-round.

Maybe it is just because I am hitting the age where many of my friends are starting to have babies on the brain and I find myself shopping for baby gifts often lately but I have stumbled upon some really great shops for babies and kids. If you are expecting or in search of some great gifts for some miniature loved-ones, here are some of our top picks for kids shopping in Paris:

photo 3

Centre Commercial Kids


Centre Commercial Kids

Centre Commercial is a collaborative space bringing together products sourced from France, England and Denmark. Their children’s shop is filled with fun and festive clothing and unique Continue reading

French Fashion Now : Where to Shop French Brands in Paris

Coco Chanel may have invented chic but contemporary French designers are to thank for keeping the flame of French fashion burning bright. You may already be familiar with major star labels like A.P.C., Isabel Marant, or the Maje and Sandro boutiques which have recently expanded into the USA and internationally. Despite the ever increasing homogeneity of the modern world there are still a few French clothing brands that you won’t easily find outside of the country. We compiled a short list of the best local joints to get your chic on, enjoy!

Many of these shops have multiple locations in Paris but – insider’s tip – everything listed here can be found on a stroll through the Marais.

Classic Chic

claudie pierlot

Claudie Pierlot

Decidedly Parisian in its conception Claudie Pierlot provides elegant classics updated for the modern city-dweller. Think pretty dresses and cardigans that transform flawlessly form day to soirée. Continue reading

Male Fashion Must-Haves | Winter 2013/14

My second attempt at a blog post for Savoir Faire is in a field in which I feel a fair amount more comfortable! This week I’ve ditched the apron for a winter coat and will tell you a thing or two about what you could see being worn by men in Paris this winter.

The first thing to note is that menswear in Paris is always high quality and independent. This is not only because Parisian men naturally have more pride in their looks (some would argue it is European fashion capital), but also because laws in the city restrict the amount of chain outlets. As a consequence, male fashion is predominantly dictated by fashion week which then filters down to smaller boutiques. The stuff on show is going to be of a higher quality and more personable, than say London. Big brands are less aspirational in Paris and even France in general as its more about having aspirational style trends or looks. Individuality is key, which has also weirdly created a kind of subculture whereby semi chained brands (such as Supreme, Stussy and Lazy Oaf) which are usually hard to come by, are hugely valued by certain men.


Photo courtesy of Supreme New York

For Winter 13/14, urban men are going to be wearing a lot of semi tailored, smart/casual wear. There’s a move away from the skinny look, which has been dominating menswear in Continue reading

Shop your way through Le Marais

Fall has fallen upon Paris this past week and when the weather goes from sunny summer to rainy and cold in a matter of days, everyone needs a little pick-me-up! In honor of Paris Fashion Week, what could bring more joy than some retail therapy for some new fall fashions in Le Marais? Here is our exhaustive list of the best shops Le Marais has to offer!

Start with some rocker vintage T’s at Noir Kennedy (22 Rue du Roi de Sicile) before hitting up K. Jacques (16 rue Pavée) for some lovely yet slightly overpriced sandals that are the must-haves for your Fall getaway! Hop over one street to the sweet accessories boutique, Miguel Lobato (6 rue Malher), and pick up some heels and bags from this high-end selection of Balenciaga, Chloe, Martin Margiela, Jil Sander and more.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 11.39.00 AMWhile you can find Sandro throughout Paris, their stock shop (26 Rue Sévigné) is the best place to get their bohemian chic looks at seriously hot prices. And if you haven’t discovered them already, the Continue reading