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For all the workout lovers in Paris who are getting started on their summer 2018 body already, this blog post is for you! If you haven’t already heard about California Barre, or tried a class yet, then allow us to introduce you to Sophia Willoughby Jérémiasz. A Cali-girl herself, originally from sunny San Diego, Sophia has brought a new meaning to the Barre method that the Parisian girls have been used to up until now. After following her heart to Paris, Sophia has established herself as the only California Barre teacher in Paris and is spreading the love, energy, and sometimes painful (good pain!) exercise classes at some of our favourite studios in the city.

Read ahead to find out more about her life, inspiration, workout tips, and details on where you can find her next class…



1) What brought you to Paris and how long have you been living here for?

The desire for adventure and learning a new language originally brought me to Paris. Then, falling in love with the son of my Dad’s childhood pen pal kept me here! It’s been 8 years since my first pain au chocolat.


2) How did you come across California Barre and what inspired you to start?

I came across barre fitness back in my hometown of San Diego. My mom dragged me to a class after I had finished my Divison 1 soccer career and I instantly became hooked by the fast results and feel good effect of this sassy workout method. I was certified in California and upon arriving in France was determined to export the method to Paris.


3) Can you give us a quick rundown of what California Barre is exactly and how it benefits you?

California Barre is a variation of the method “barre”. It’s a mix of vinyasa yoga, Pilates, classical dance, and kickboxing. Barre is a low impact set of exercises that involve isometric movement. We “burn” the muscles and then elongate them by stretching throughout the class, creating a beautiful dancer like silhouette without years of experience. It is an excellent option for cross training.


4) Can you tell us your favourite exercises/moves from your class?

My favorite exercises are Pretzel and Knee dancing. They both hurt so good!



5) Did you find it difficult to teach Barre when you arrived in Paris? If so, how did you manage to create a space for yourself in the Paris fitness world?

Absolutely. When I first arrived in Paris 8 years ago, the fitness/yoga scene was far from happening. I really started teaching regularly about 2 years ago, which was around the same time that the yoga scene started building here in Paris. Being one of the original teachers at the popular Chez Simone also really helped promote California Barre.


6) Where are your favourite studios to teach/workout in Paris? 

My favorite studios to teach at in Paris are Chez Simone and Bromance Paname. I also really love taking yoga at Omm studio and The Yoga Factory.


7) What are your top 3 tips for a healthy and balanced lifestyle in Paris? 

My tops tips would be to first, walk as fast as possible by all the boulangeries to avoid the ridiculously tempting and delicious odors!! Second, the organic food and juice scene in Paris is really on it’s way up at the moment, so finding a healthy bite has become easier than ever. Third, I would suggest opting to walk instead of taking public transport. Paris is surprisingly much smaller than we think.


8) What does the future hold for you with California Barre teaching? 

2018 is going to be very exciting for California Barre. Its fitness boutique will hopefully be opening at the end of the year!!


Stay tuned for the opening of the California Barre boutique! In the meantime, follow Sophia’s teaching schedule and keep up with the classes, workshops, and events here :


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