An Expat Life | Laurel Sanderson

Next up in our Expat Life blog post series, we’d like to introduce you to Laurel Sanderson. An American expat living in Paris, some of you may know her, not by name, but by her adorable and homey restaurant Treize…A Baker’s Dozen, located in the back of a charming 7th arrondissement courtyard in Saint Germain. Laurel has created a menu based on traditional family American recipes in order to bring a piece of home to Paris, with delicious and carefully thought through breakfasts, lunches and afternoon teas. See our previous post reviewing the cosy......

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SFP Picks | French Skin Care Brands

The French are known for their flawless and seemingly effortlessly beautiful skin. How do they do it, you ask? We still have yet to find all the answers, but below are our five favorite French skincare brands that, we think, get us one step closer to the world of perfectly French skin. 1. Huygens An homage to Parisian physician and astronomer, Christian Hugens and his profound understanding of nature; Huygens uses these principles to return to the origins with a focus on...

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Specialty Shops Follow-Up

As you can probably tell, here at SFP we love our shopping, especially when it’s for artisanal foods, hand crafted products, and independent boutiques specialising in specific goods. We have written a few of these posts in the past, some with more of a focus on food, but, of course, the ever expanding city of Paris is always surprising us with new pop ups and specialty shops around the city. Therefore, we like to keep you up to date with some of our favourite shopping spots in the city to find those special......

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Jardin des Plantes

There are some sites in Paris that we hear about and maybe visit once or twice in the time we’re here, and the Jardin des Plantes is one of those that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves. In this week’s blog post, SFP is going to show you why you should head to the Jardin des Plantes and what to do while you’re there!    ...

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Food Delivery Services Review

As we are all aware Paris is rapidly climbing the trendy food chain with many new hot spots opening up all around the city. To keep up with this increasingly growing industry there’s a real need for Paris to expand it’s previously poor food delivery service with pizza and sushi being the only real choice of take out. Fortunately for us, a new generation of food delivery services have come onto the market meaning that we can now order food from any place we want! Snack-based, international, gourmet or street-food style cuisine......

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The Best Subscription Boxes in France

There is nothing like the joy of getting a package in the mail. With the explosion of subscription boxes like Birchbox and My Little Box over the past few years, more and more companies are popping up with delivery boxes filled with everything from beauty products to culinary items and even goodies for your pet. Below are some of our top picks to help spruce up your mail delivery each month!...

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An Expat Life | Emily Sell

For our newest Expat Life series we’d like to introduce you to the lovely Emily Sell, founder of Ever After Press. A British expat living in Paris, Emily took the leap of faith and started her own wedding stationery company, presenting her creativity and business savvy to the world, and we’re glad she did! Her gorgeous designs are sure to make you swoon, and her picture-perfect Parisian life sure to make you fall in love with her. 1. What brought to you to Paris?  Moving to Paris was actually not something I ever planned......

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SFP's Paris Holiday Favorites

It’s mid-December and the holiday season has officially arrived in Paris. It is a magical time in the city and it really brings the name “City of Light” to life. There is always so much to do in Paris and with the holiday season comes the standard Christmas Markets that pop up throughout the city as well as the smell of mulled wine and the delicious pain d’épices that is served with fois gras at almost every event. Below are some of our favorites for the holiday season in Paris and some fool-proof ways to......

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Neighborhood Guide | Montreuil

Montreuil may seem like a strange choice to write a neighborhood guide on when you live in a city like Paris, but don’t be fooled as there are some very quirky hidden gems to discover if and when you find yourself in la banlieue. Foodies and connoisseurs alike are being drawn to the suburban town which has decided to boost it’s reputation with a kick start from Paris’ continually growing gourmet food scene. Watch out Paris, because Montreuil could just become the 21st arrondissement!     The historically communist town is home to some......

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