Craving some Spice? Authentic Mexican Food in Paris


“Je voudrais un burrito, s’il vous plait.”, is not a phrase you overhear often in Paris. Mexican food, however, is on the rise in this Mecca of gastronomic talent. Coming from a land where green and red chili flow like milk and honey, it was shocking that a place so rich in culinary talent was nearly a desert land for good, authentic, SPICY, Mexican food. Fortunately, with time and many a recommendation, we at Savoir Faire have accumulated a pretty good list of restaurants “muy delicioso”!

All creations of the group RMG, El Guacamole, Hacienda Del Sol and Anahuacalli dare to give you 3 very different Mexican experiences. The first, El Guacamole, is an authentic taqueria in the 10th with delicious tacos nopalitos, while Hacienda Del Sol has a more colorful, bistro feel (Try their molé!). Finally, Anahuacalli, in the 5th, takes a more gastronomic approach with menu items you’d find in a nice restaurant in Mexico. Perfect margaritas and guacamole, mouth watering ceviche and mole poblanos are among the favorites here.

Candelaria is a hip little address in the Marais with delicious tacos, a fun bar and frequent community events. Chef Luis Rendon is also the man behind Mil Amores Tortilleria, the recently launched homemade corn tortilla company. These little delicacies can be ordered by the kilogram, and come in either 14 or 16cm and in pre-cut and unfried chip form. Finally!!

El Nopal, my personal favorite, is a little hole in the wall tucked away in the 10th, right along Canal St. Martin. The Campechana is like a quesadilla with steak, nopales (cactus) and avocado and will satisfy your taste buds for days, or at least until the next day. Their salsa is super spicy!!  If you’re around the 13th, try O’Mexico authentic favorites like chili con queso with spicy chorizo. They even have Mariachi music!

Cactus, found in 5 different location in Paris, has a similar concept to Chipotle, which recently opened in the 9th. Although they have fewer choices of entrees, their products boast of freshness, and the over-the- counter, quick service will have you and your burrito out the door in minutes.  The French version of sour cream, “creme fraiche”, is just adorably humourous.

If you find you’re still hankering for some spiciness, order anything from hot sauce to Mexican cheese from Dos-Mexicanas or Casamex to be delivered right to your home. Otherwise, enjoy discovering the spicy side of Paris and keep us informed on any new discoveries ‘Mexicain’ you stumble upon!

¡Buen Provecho!





  1. […] As an American who has scoured the city for some quality guacamole, I can tell you that you’ll find it beyond a doubt at Candelaria.  This trendy place is making tacos a hit in a city that hasn’t been particularly receptive to the Mexican wave of cuisine.  Here lies an open kitchen with cool bar stools and little tables to sip margaritas and enjoy funky music.  Take your pick of delicious tacos and tostadas (at only 3 euro a pop), and stuff them with spicy meat or Mexican cheese and veggies. Grab a shot of tequila, prep your salt and lime, and you’re in for a top night at Candelaria! […]

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