Applause for Encore

Encore: what a great name for a restaurant right? A name that I’m sure the owner hopes will foreshadow the return of many customers!  I was excited to see if the hype of this new place lived up to its confident name and it’s hip Japanese chef Yoshi Morie.  In business for just over a month, this French bistro seemed like the perfect place to go on what seemed like the coldest, grayest day of fall thus far.  Much to my delight, the restaurant provided a great meal that can only be said to have satisfied my craving for something warm and filling.


When I called to make the reservation, I had originally booked it for two—Sasha and myself.  But then Sasha had the great idea to bring our new Savoir Faire Paris intern, Tommy, along.  The woman taking the reservations seemed frazzled about rearranging the seating chart and told me she’d have to call me back to see if the change was possible.  This left me thinking that the place was either insanely popular already, or that they were simply not very flexible.

So armed with a little skepticism but nevertheless an open mind, the three of were able to get a table for lunch.  The décor is very neutral, modern, and minimalistic.  Our waitress was exceptionally pleasant and helpful, presenting us with the daily menu as well as an extensive wine list.  There was the possibility of an entrée and plat formule, or a plat and dessert formule.  We all opted for the entrée and plat option, knowing full well we’d order a dessert as well.


Sasha and I both ordered the Guindillas (peppers) for our entrée.  We both found the dish to be delicious and not something you might typically find as an entrée choice.  Variety is the spice of life, right?  Tommy ordered the moules marinieres (mussels) and he devoured them in no time!


 For our main dish, both Sasha and I opted for the Aile de Raie (skate wing).  The fish was dipped in an Xeres vinaigrette and made complete with green beans and herbs.  This must have been a popular choice given that the waitress said they were almost out of it! Tommy, apparently the most daring of us, chose the echine de cochon grilleé (grilled pork tenderloin).  His came dipped in black olive juice and sage.  Both main dishes were both aesthetically and gastronomically superb!


We were all pretty stuffed after the food but didn’t want to get away without trying a dessert.  There was only one dessert offered: the fig compote.  It was a fitting choice of dessert because it was neither too sweet, nor too rich: a perfect palette cleanser, without overshadowing the main dishes.  All in all, it was a pleasant afternoon lunch that all three of us were willing to give an encore!


43 rue Richer, 75009
+33 1 72 60 97 72
Metro: Le Peletier, Grands Boulevards & Cadet

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