Savoir Faire Paris has spent almost a decade helping clients get the best out of life in Paris. Owned and run by Samara and Lisa, American and British expats   respectively, SFP has the insider knowledge to get you the best restaurant         recommendations, help you tackle that administrative issue you’ve been      struggling with, or plan your next family vacation. Whatever the task may be, you can trust Samara and Lisa to get it done seamlessly.


Co-Owner & CEO
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Co-Owner & CEO

Samara Senoville’s arrival in Paris follows the typical expat story: come to study and stay for love. After meeting her restaurateur husband during her semester abroad, Samara finished her studies at Loyola University in New Orleans and moved back to Paris permanently. Having spent her childhood moving around from Montreal to Toronto, Switzerland to Costa Rica, California to New Orleans for school, and over to Paris after graduation, the expat life is the norm for Samara, and she’s thrilled to help others make it their norm, as well.   Samara bounced around in the events industry before finding Savoir Faire Paris. She worked for a wedding venue in New Orleans as an events manager, interned with the Super Bowl host committee, and did PR and events management for restaurants around Paris. She loves to seek out the newest trendy restaurants and stay up to date on the happenings of Paris. On weekends you’ll find her playing with her whippet, Jack, in the Tuileries or sipping wine on a terrace at a local café.