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For this week’s blog post we’d like to introduce you to our newest partnership, Widetrip! Widetrip is a new hot site for walking tours with locals that are passionate about the city of Paris. Widetrip caters to all visitors eager to discover a different side of Paris with open and engaging tour guides. Meet real Parisians who are committed to their city and genuinely want to share their passion, expertise, and interests with you. Whether you’re interested in architecture, poetry, social economy, or urban legends, Widetrip has it all, available in French, English, and Spanish. Here’s SFP’s interview with Widetrip’s founders, Nicolas and Manon.




Tell us about yourself and your background

We are Nicolas and Manon, we are the two partners of Widetrip.

Nicolas : Of course, I am a big fan of travelling! I am more a backpacker who loves meeting new people and new cultures. I’ve done a lot of road trips : South East Asia, Amazonia, Europe… What I really love is to meet the local people and understand the local initiatives abroad.

I have more of a financial background. After graduating from my business school in Reims, where I met Manon, I worked for a major company as an Internal Auditor. My job was to perform some audit reviews worldwide for the company two weeks a month. This job gave me the opportunity to discover new cultures and to travel worldwide : Japan, Russia, the US, the UK, India, Thailand, Brazil…

Manon : Like Nicolas, I graduated from my business school in Reims, and then I worked for a fashion company as communications officer. I enjoyed what I was doing, but I was looking to give more sense to my work, and that’s the reason why I quit.

I love meeting new people and discovering new ways of thinking. In this way, I travelled a lot in Europe, North America and North Africa mostly, and what I really enjoyed was to meet local people and become aware of the current issues they’re facing, their stories and more generally their culture. As I really like travelling, I like to go back home with new ideas, new ways of thinking, because I am convinced that I learned from each city I went to, from each person I met.



Why did you decide to start Widetrip?

Nicolas : During my two week assignments, I had the opportunity to discover the local culture on weekends and it’s true I was having a hard time meeting interesting local residents who could help me discover their life and their culture. For sure it is always easy to meet local people, but it is not so easy to really plunge into the real local way of life.

Manon : While I was working in Paris, I was searching for new activities to do, new things about Paris to learn, as I’ve already been to most of the tourist places. Then I found lots of structures and initiatives that were unknown by the Parisians themselves, and I thought it was really a shame because whereas their impact was very positive, they were only known by regulars, insiders.


Where do you see Widetrip in 5 years?

In 5 years we will have implemented Widetrip worldwide and every traveller will have the opportunity to discover a lot of local initiatives in a lot of cities.


What do you enjoy most about running Widetrip?

Nicolas : What I love the most is joining the tours I offer. I always find it amazing to listen to what the local residents are saying. It always sounds to me very authentic !

Manon : I love to discover new structures, new initiatives that are involved in the city and the community, because it makes us become aware of all the things we can do, at our scale, to make changes and improve our lives.



What is your favorite tour offered on Widetrip?

Nicolas : One of my favorite tours is the local life in Montorgueil district: Georges opens your eyes to both the local gastronomy and the history of this district. He loves showing the places he likes to eat at and have a drink. It’s awesome!

Manon : One of my favorite tours is the the discovery of old remnants in Mouffetard district : Mélissa and Gino worked together to build this walk. During this tour, we discover French cuisine and craft, and learn the significance of engravings, paintings and storefronts we pass by everyday. I really enjoy the parallel between tradition and innovation, and learning about the evolution of the Parisian way of life.


We hope you’ve been inspired by their passion and drive! If you’d like to book a tour, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help you discover the real Paris!


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