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An Expat Life | Matthieu Waddell

Meet Matthieu, a seasoned inspirational expatriate having spent 20 years in Paris. Matthieu explains how the French language has shaped his expatriate experience, from growing a business to even cultivating a new persona. He speaks on the importance of “adaptability” as a key to happiness and success, not in just living abroad, but in flourishing given the constraints of our day-to-day life. Finally, he speaks about his yoga practice, and his mission to help those in the expat community feel a sense of belonging and refuge from a life built on relocation....

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Guest Post by Apart Inn Paris | Top 3 Paris Apartments

We would like to introduce you to one of our most recent partnerships with Paris based rental agency, Apart Inn Paris. We are excited to be working alongside them in the future, and wanted to share with you a little about the agency and the beautiful apartments that they have on offer for vacation rentals. If you’re thinking of coming to Paris anytime soon, then we highly recommend you check out their selection of properties in Paris for a truly local Parisian experience.  ...

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SFP's Favorite "no reservation" Restaurants in Paris

In this ever evolving city of light, food and dining out are experiences that the Parisians give high importance to, and we are totally in agreement with that! Of the thousands of restaurants located in Paris, many can be reserved in advance, but equally as many are “walk-ins” with no possibility to reserve. It can definitely be a pain having to queue up for restaurants, hoping to get in for the evening, and truth be told, sometimes you are turned away and have to try your luck another day. However, some of......

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