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10 Struggles of Living in Paris and How To Solve Them

Having the opportunity to live in Paris is one that we will continue to be appreciative of. It’s not often that you can step out of your front door to the smell of freshly baked goods, the beauty of your usual apartment block and the chicness of the Parisians. These are all things we are very much grateful for and of course help us to fall in love with the city of Paris so easily. However, like anywhere in the world, Paris has it’s ups and its downs. Although the lists of......

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Beaujolais Nouveau

The French have always been known for appreciating the finer things. Foie gras, champagne, tarte tatin, they know how to celebrate life. So what happens when a country known for fine wines produces a wine that is purposely made to be cheap and easy to drink? They drink a lot of it! Over one million cases of Beaujolais Nouveau are shipped out around the world and are opened at one minute past midnight (per French law!). That’s over 65 million bottles! This accounts for nearly half of the region’s total annual production. But this wine wasn’t always......

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What's New | Fall 2015

As the leaves turned beautiful colors of yellow and orange this fall, we spent less time outside and more time inside eating our way through some of Paris’ newest dining and drinking spots! From healthy juices and bagels to market-fresh fish and super creative ingredients to re-visiting some of France’s most traditional dishes, there is a restaurant for every palate and every occasion this Fall.   Here are some of our favorites from the past few months that I am sure will warm your stomachs and souls as the temperatures continue to......

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The Villas of Paris

One of the great things about Paris is you can spend years exploring and still stumble upon hidden gems. In this week’s blog post, we give you a treasure map to find some of those hidden gems: the villas of Paris! A “villa” is a private street; though not all are private or gated, the real estate on the streets is generally considered luxe.   Villa Leandre...

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