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Neighborhood Guide- Belleville

Welcome to Belleville, one of the most culturally rich neighborhoods in Paris! This neighborhood, situated in 20th arrondissement along the border of the 19th, started as an independent wine-making village before being occupied by Paris’ many different cultures. First the Armenians, Greeks, and Jews, and later the North Africans, Sub-Saharan Africans, and Chinese, making for quite a melting pot! Here is our neighborhood guide to Belleville:

Photo by Philip Menke

Photo by Philip Menke

The easiest way to get to this neighborhood is on the Metro line 11 to the Belleville stop, landing you in the middle of Chinatown, steps from the three dim sum giants: Le Président (120 rue du Faubourg du Temple), Le Pacifique (39 rue de Belleville), and Wezhou (24 rue de Belleville). Continue reading

Our Picks | Best Hairdressers in Paris

One of our most common requests here at SFP is a good place to get a haircut. I have been living in Paris now for over 14 years and, I hate to admit, I have yet to find the perfect hairdresser. I am in constant search of good recommendations for clients but also for myself so, we at SFP decided to scour some of the most recommended salons and hair stylists here in Paris to share our experiences with our lovely readers.

Photo courtesy of David Mallett

Photo courtesy of David Mallett

David Mallett | Best High End
14 Rue Notre-Dame des Victoires, Paris 2eme

Probably the most well-known and buzzed about salon in Paris, David Mallet is a prestigious and one-of-a kind experience. With a team that treats you like a queen (and a Continue reading

An Expat Life | Diana Antholis

When we met Diana Antholis we were inspired by her amazing energy, positivity and admirable confidence in being a woman. Only minutes into the conversation we immediately felt inspired to unleash our sexy and look for our center. Diana recently moved her life to Paris ready to take on a new clientele, spread her mantras and encourage a healthy and active sense of well being. Fortunately, we were able to interview the lovely lady herself for our next expat life feature on the blog and with great excitement, we introduce you to Diana Antholis.



Continue reading

SFP’s Best Views in Paris

We have scoured all corners of the city for some great views of Paris over the past few years. Our advice? Skip the Eiffel Tower or even the Arc de Triumph and snag some photos at some of these great spots, for free instead!

Photo Credit: Sandrine L.

View from the Institut du Monde Arabe. Photo Credit: Sandrine L.

1. Patio of the Institut du Monde Arabe

Visiting the Institut du Monde Arabe holds many treasures from beautiful exhibits, delicious Continue reading

SFP Party Recap

For those of you who didn’t know, Friday September 25th 2015 was our 5th year birthday party at Savoir Faire Paris and we most certainly celebrated in style!


image1 (2)



We decided to celebrate this special occasion by hosting a party with all of our wonderful clients and the amazing people we work with who have all helped us to get to where we are today! Continue reading