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Restaurant Round-Up | Winter 2015

I must say, I have eaten very well since the beginning of the year!

There have been some great new openings from American style Chinese food and comfort food brought to a new level of culinary sophistication to some great new modern French spots from already famed restauranteurs to a tiny and trendy Japanese hotspot and even a newcomer to the chic 16ème dining scene.


Read all about the newest restaurants on the Paris dining scene and start off this spring with a new list of places to help you eat your way through the city!

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Hint Hunt & Giveaway

Last week, the SFP team was lucky enough to be offered the chance to play the most challenging, intense and exhilarating live escape game in Paris – Hint Hunt. For those of you who have not heard of Hint Hunt, then I urge you to read ahead. After playing the game once you’ll understand why.




Upon our arrival we were greeted at the entrance by the young and super friendly hint hunt team who welcomed us with smiley everyday chitchat whilst we nervously waited for what was to come. Continue reading

La Jeune Rue

This is a guest post by Sara McCarty at Context Travel. They have shared some of their expert advice on some fun new ways to discover the City of Light. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

In January 2014, a sleek, chic, relatively unknown French businessman surprised the whole of Paris with an unexpected press announcement: he planned to transform three non-descript streets in central Paris into a hip gastronomic and cultural wonderland, and he’d accomplish all of this by January of the following year.

Photo Credit: Sara McCarty

Photo Credit: Sara McCarty

The businessman, Cédric Naudon, had in fact already begun this massive transformation several years earlier by buying up vacant storefronts on the Rue du Vertbois in the 3rd arrondissement. Eventually, he’d acquired dozens and begun discussions with teams of Continue reading

Our Picks | Top 5 Wine Shops in Paris

At Savoir Faire Paris we are very fond of sharing our favourite gems of Paris with you all with recent posts of the best hot chocolates, the most luxurious lingerie boutiques and the best home ware stores to name a few. I started noticing that there seemed to be a very apparent, and may I add, very important one missing from our posts…the best places in Paris to buy wine. Well of course, how could we possibly miss this one off the list?!

Photo courtesy of La Cave des Papilles

Photo courtesy of La Cave des Papilles

We all enjoy a nice chilled glass of Chablis on a summer’s evening or a rich glass of Syrah to accompany our Steak frites but with hundreds of cavistes scattered around the city it can be very difficult to sift through them and determine which places are the best. Allow us to help you with our Top 5 choices of Wine Shops in Paris. Continue reading