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Tips for Decorating like a Parisian

Whether you are moving to Paris and in need of some decorating tips or if you are looking to bring some touches of Paris into your home, the Parisian decorating style is something everyone swoons over. After decades of living in the city of lights, we have compiled some of our favorite tips for turning your home in to a Parisian paradise.

IMG_10271. Fresh Flowers

In Paris, no trip to the open-air market is complete without a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten up the apartment. Each season brings a new color and scent combination from Continue reading

The Cheese Plate

“Un repas sans fromage est une belle à qui manqué un œil.”
“(a meal without cheese is a beautiful woman with one eye missing)”

– Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Cheese 1


If you’re a lover of cheese like we are, there’s really no denying that the cheese course of a menu is by far the best part, especially in France where they have almost 400 different types of cheese to indulge in! If you’re planning to visit France in the near future, or you’re planning to host a dinner party with cheese on the menu, I encourage you to read ahead. It turns out there is a certain cheese etiquette that MUST be followed, so we had better get it right!

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Our Picks | Best Hot Chocolate in Paris

There is nothing better in the cold winter than warming up with some hot chocolate and Paris knows how to brew a spectacular cup of hot cocoa. Whether it is pre-made or comes with the pure melted chocolate and milk for you to mix together according to your preference, Paris is filled with quality hot cocoa spots to sooth your sweet tooth and your soul.


Here are some of our favorites: Continue reading

Dining-In: An Authentic Experience

This is a guest post by our fabulous Fall intern Laurel Heidewohl. Laurel is a student at The American University of Paris and was one of our favorite interns. She had a wonderful experience at EatWith and wanted to share it with our readers. We hope you enjoy!


Ever indulged in a scrumptious meal with a handful of strangers? We have… and let us tell you – it was more than delightful!

EatWith, an online global community that invites you to intimately relish in a homemade dining experience of your choice, has revolutionized our outlook on eating out.

10841521_10205631946104216_437788692_n-17:25 pm – we exit the Grands Boulevards metro stop to find our way to location of the dinner party.

7:32 pm – we’re already following the alluring fragrance to the door of our host, Alexis. Continue reading