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Roland Garros: A History

As the historical tennis match begins this week, we wanted to give you a brief glimpse into the history of the Roland Garros tennis tournament.  Established in 1925, Roland Garros, also known as the French Open, is the second tournament in a calendar year of the four Grand Slam tournaments, and the only one to be played on clay. It is considered the second most prestigious tennis tournament in the world after Wimbledon, and has a very large audience and global media coverage.


The French Open was first held in Paris in 1891 at the Stade Français. Far from the international event that it is today, the original tournament Continue reading

Casual Japanese Dining | The Izakaya

After last week’s post on some of our favorite non-French eateries here in Paris, we thought we would delve deeper into the Japanese dining scene and check out some Izakayas.

An Izakaya is a the Japanese version of a cave-a-manger, a casual drinking and dining establishment that specialises in small shared plates and an excellent selection of saké. Over the past few years, a bunch of pint-sized Izakayas have popped up throughout Paris. We have
tried and tested a few of them and they are all equally delicious and each have their own take on the traditional Japanese Izakaya.

photo 2

Izakaya Issé

Located in the dining hub of the 1st arrondissement, Izakaya Issé will teleport you straight to Tokyo. The funky interior of collaged memorabilia and a glass of saké relaxes you immediately as Continue reading

Secrets of the Louvre : Famous Feet

The Louvre is enormous but it is simple to create a unique visit all on your own by piecing together a theme and letting it guide you from artwork to artwork.

Choosing a motif and searching it out in at the Louvre is a fun and stimulating way to train your brain and eye and to personalize your tour. Stay simple for kids : fruit, animals and water all work great. Adults can go as intellectual as they want, delving deeper into iconography and style.

For part two of our Secrets of the Louvre series we will piece together an original tour and turn the museum visit on its head…to look at some of the museum’s most remarkable feet.



1. The exposed toes of Gudea, Continue reading

Hot Spots of Swag Men

Of course Paris is the capital of beauty. Beautiful architecture, beautiful women, beautiful pastries.  But we shouldn’t overlook the fact that the men of this city are also worth admiring.  Those nicely cut suits, cool kicks, and messy hairdos don’t go unnoticed (*swoon swoon*). This week I checked out the spots where men go to get pampered, primped, and put together.  Here’s my rundown of where you’ll want to take your guy to spoil him. Let’s hear it for the boys!



Les Mauvais Garçons Paris:

Doesn’t this place just sound naughty? Les Mauvais Garçons Paris, The Continue reading

Paris Dining | Good for No Reservations

We get a lot of last-minute dining requests here at Savoir Faire Paris, which is not always an easy feat! For those of you who enjoy a more spontaneous soirée, here are some of our suggestions for restaurants that don’t take reservations. Luckily for you, some of Paris’ best tables have landed on this list.


Artisan & Buvette Gastroteque

Our top recommendations for no-reservation dining are usually wine bars that serve food as well. Artisan and Buvette are two recently opened spots in the trendy SoPi neighbourhood with a focus Continue reading

Tasty Spots for Ethnic Food in Paris

While Paris is known for it’s amazing veal and foie gras dishes, you will have moments where you want to mix up that French palette of yours for something a bit more exotic.  Whether it’s sushi, couscous, or pad thai, there’s something great for everyone who wants a break from beouf bourguignon. Here are some of are picks for great ethnic food in the City of Light:




This cutely decorated gem hosts a kitchen than can whip up freshly baked teriyaki salmon, sticky rice, marinated eggplant, and seaweed salad.  With reasonable Continue reading

Zoological Park of Paris

As a lover of animals, I jumped at the opportunity to write a blog post about the newly (and entirely) renovated Paris zoo.  Many tell me that my ‘spirit animal’ is the giraffe, so I figured where better way to touch base with my kin than in this new space.   Re-opened after 170 million euros and 6 years of reconstruction, the Zoological Park of Paris (Parc zoologique de Paris) welcomed 25, 000 people for it’s opening on April 13th.


The zoo showcases a more airy space with some 180 species and 1,000 animals in total.  The organization of the zoo is rather interesting: instead of arranging Continue reading

Neighborhood Guide – The 15th Arrondissement

Whenever I tell people that I live in the 15ème, I don’t always get such a great response. The 15th is known to be quite calm and family-oriented and visitors to Paris may not even step foot into my home quartier unless they are visiting someone. After six years of being a resident of the 15ème, I would like to share some of my favorite neighborhood spots and strongly encourage those of you who have not discovered the neighborhood to come and check it out!

The 15th arrondissement is the biggest arrondissement in Paris and, therefore, not all of these places are cram-packed in a few-block radius like, say, the SoPi post that we did. Nevertheless, the 15th has its own charm and we love visitors so pop by and say hi anytime.

photo 1

Rue du Commerce


One of the most charming shopping streets in Paris is Rue due Commerce. This small street stretches from metro La Motte Piquet Grenelle to Felix Faure and is jammed-packed with some serious Continue reading