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Sadaharu Aoki | Beautiful Japanese-Inspired Pastries

Tokyo born pastry chef, Sadaharu Aoki, opened his first boutique in the 6th in 2001. Since then he has earned his reputation by using rigorous French pastry technique combined with traditional japanese ingredients.

photo 3Aoki has mastered the magic of simplicity in pairing these two cultures through the art of pastry. The Japanese ingredients he uses like matcha, yuzu, red beans, black sesame blend Continue reading

Holybelly = Happybelly

Brunch has been a ‘thing’ in Paris for the past couple of years.  French restaurants having been trying to capitalize on this trend, but I’m starting to think they needed some outside perspective to perfect the movement.  Sarah Mouchot and Nico Alary have done just that with their new Holybelly Café! The Parisian pair traveled to Australia for three years where Nico worked as a barista and Sarah worked as a chef.  This experience translates to their fluid dynamic in which Sarah works meticulously and passionately behind the scenes while Nico performs his magic with customers at the front of the café.  The combination of deliciously filling food and upbeat service makes for a classic brunch experience.


When you think of a classic brunch experience, what’s the first things that comes to mind? I’m going to read yours: Bacon! And guess what?! Holybelly Café serves bacon! Cue the halleluiah chorus. And eggs.  Scrambled eggs! Poached eggs! I don’t know about anyone else but successfully producing a poached egg is nearly impossible Continue reading

Breakfast in Bed à-la-Français

Here at Savoir Faire Paris, we were thrilled to learn about the new company Cookin’ the World that creates food baskets for brunch, lunch and weekly fruit and vegetable selections. Las weekend, we decided to try one of the Panier Brunches to test their services.

photo 1

We work some occasional late nights in the personal concierge industry so the thought of waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and having a gourmet brunch delivered to your door when you roll out of bed just seems like the perfect dream.

And it was. Continue reading

Pharmacies are France’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but as an American in Paris, I spend a lot of time contemplating the beautiful aesthetics of this city.  Yes, the architecture is beautiful, but so are the people! I sometimes feel  frumpy compared to the wonderfully coiffed  and flawlessly made up women.  How do they do it? How do they always manage to look so glowy with perfectly shiny hair? Is there something in the water here?  I asked one of my American friends who has lived here for decades how the French women do it. What is their secret? How do they achieve their perfect complexions?  Her answer: the pharmacies.


Great facial products are essential!

Now, if you haven’t lived in France for long I’m sure an image of a CVS or Walgreens pops into your head! Erase that image! Firstly, French pharmacies are all identical Continue reading

On Rue Tatin | A Cooking Course for All…

My initial thought when asked to attend one of Susan Herrmann Loomis’ cooking classes was one of sheer panic. Boasting tuna sweetcorn pasta and a bacon omelette as two of my finest dishes it is safe to say I am no culinary wizard.

Upon arrival, however, I couldn’t have been made to feel more at home. Alongside five other students, mostly tourists visiting Paris for a couple of weeks, I was warmly met by Susan and welcomed into her beautiful home kitchen, tucked away in the 6th arrondissement.

Having put on our aprons and passed by the perfectly laid out dining table, it was time to get started.


First on the menu was salt tasting, the purpose of which was to show the undeniable difference in taste between sea salt and regular table salt. All passed round anonymously, the 3 sea salt pots were met with looks of pleasure and enjoyment, before the final pot of table salt induced grimaces from Continue reading

The Education System in France

Ahhh the French school system.  You’ve heard legends about how short the weeks are and how long the vacations last.  Or what about the fact that it’s virtually free?  That’s right, no $50,000 price tag on a college education! Well we’ll be more specific with that in a bit.

But let’s start with the basics.  French children start going to school at a very young age: some start at the age of 2, while nearly all begin at the age of 3.  Spending 2 to 3 years in maternelle (the equivalent of pre-school and kindergarten) is the norm.  The government wants kids to get a head start with their verbal and motor skills.  Not a bad idea when you think about it! The U.S. government has even been in talks to make preschool and kindergarten mandatory for all students because the early years are establish more discipline and focus.

maternelle max

After maternelle comes primaire (elementary school )  and secondaire (middle and high school).  During these years kids go to school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesday used to be the one day a week that was ‘libéré,’ (not in session).  Students have very long days, Continue reading

Tour Paris 13

100 Artists, 36 apartments, 31 days, 16 different countries, 9 floors.

This is what makes up the largest collaborative street art exhibit in history: Tour Paris 13.  Before the building is torn down in November, street artists from all over the world have used the abandoned building as their canvas. The Mairie du 13ème along with the Galerie Itinerrance have worked together to turn the 4 500m2 into an artistic amusement park. Each artist was given an apartment, floor to ceiling to create their work. The ephemeral exhibit is open to the public throughout October for free.

The down side? The wait. We waited in line for over 4 hours to experience Tour Paris 13 and it is unlikely that the lines will go down. Luckily, La Tour Paris 13 is not just a physical exhibit but also a digital one. On their website you can virtually visit each apartment as well as learn about each artist.

Here are our photos of the building for you to live vicariously through us:

photo 1  photo 2photo 3photo 4        photo 1 Continue reading

Spotlight on The Beautiful Adeline Klam

A few weeks ago, on a particularly cold and rainy Fall afternoon, I stumbled upon a beautiful little shop called Adeline Klam. Walking into the bright and colourful shop, I forgot all about the Paris weather and ventured into sunny Japan!

photo 1The shop is filled with beautiful printed papers, washi tapes, origami kits, garlands, and an incredible selection of handmade lamp shades and pillows. In addition to all of these little goodies, the shop also offers a series of ateliers where their crafting experts show you how to create beautiful origami creations as well as decorate boxes, string garlands and more. Continue reading

Trick-or-Tweet Paris Giveaway!

Today marks the start of our Fall giveaway! This October you could win a Longchamp purse or briefcase just by tweeting pictures of Halloween French-Style!

photo 1

Halloween has become increasingly popular here in France but it is still not easy to find. Snap photos of Halloween sightings throughout France or French-inspired Halloween photos from around the world. We will choose a winner at random on the 31st and they will be sent their choice of Longchamp bag.

photo 2

Here is what you have to do to participate:

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3.  Tweet your photos using the following hashtags:




The more photos you post the better chance you have to win! It all starts today!