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“Doin’ It Dailey” with The Dailey Method

San Francisco’s original barre-based class has opened a studio in the 16th arrondissement and adapted their classes to the French lifestyle. Caroline and I had the privilege of attending a class yesterday morning and we cannot tell you how fun, energizing, balancing and absolutely wonderful this class was! We can’t contain ourselves and thought that we should share it with our readers.


Created in 2000 by Jill Dailey McIntosh, The Dailey Method® is an efficient mix of muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises with inspiration from Yoga, Pilates and Cardio Barre. The class focuses on alignment, balance and breathing exercises to strengthen the entire body.

Jill’s sister, Kelly Dailey Vinoche, founded The Dailey Method in France and has used her love for exercise and dance combined with her 20+ years of cultural experience to slightly adapt the Method Continue reading

Applause for Encore

Encore: what a great name for a restaurant right? A name that I’m sure the owner hopes will foreshadow the return of many customers!  I was excited to see if the hype of this new place lived up to its confident name and it’s hip Japanese chef Yoshi Morie.  In business for just over a month, this French bistro seemed like the perfect place to go on what seemed like the coldest, grayest day of fall thus far.  Much to my delight, the restaurant provided a great meal that can only be said to have satisfied my craving for something warm and filling.


When I called to make the reservation, I had originally booked it for two—Sasha and myself.  But then Sasha had the great idea to bring our new Savoir Faire Paris intern, Tommy, along.  The woman taking the reservations seemed frazzled about rearranging the seating chart and told me Continue reading

Musings on La Rentrée

Last year was my first official ‘la rentrée’ experience.  I was arriving as an English teaching assistant and an au pair, and was quickly inducted into this French ritual.  I arrived in Paris on August 27th and was greeted with kids running down the streets, mom’s scouring the Monoprixs for school supplies, and boulangers baking up a storm.  What was going on? Parisians seemed cheerier than I remembered them and there seemed to simply be an air of optimism and unmistakable enthusiasm.


The mother of the children for whom I was set to nanny seemed amused by my incredulity. “Oh this?” she said, pointing to her three tan, freckled, smiling boys “this won’t last long, so enjoy it while you Continue reading

Shop your way through Le Marais

Fall has fallen upon Paris this past week and when the weather goes from sunny summer to rainy and cold in a matter of days, everyone needs a little pick-me-up! In honor of Paris Fashion Week, what could bring more joy than some retail therapy for some new fall fashions in Le Marais? Here is our exhaustive list of the best shops Le Marais has to offer!

Start with some rocker vintage T’s at Noir Kennedy (22 Rue du Roi de Sicile) before hitting up K. Jacques (16 rue Pavée) for some lovely yet slightly overpriced sandals that are the must-haves for your Fall getaway! Hop over one street to the sweet accessories boutique, Miguel Lobato (6 rue Malher), and pick up some heels and bags from this high-end selection of Balenciaga, Chloe, Martin Margiela, Jil Sander and more.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 11.39.00 AMWhile you can find Sandro throughout Paris, their stock shop (26 Rue Sévigné) is the best place to get their bohemian chic looks at seriously hot prices. And if you haven’t discovered them already, the Continue reading

The Bagel Scene in the 2nd

As a New-Yorker, one of the first things I eat when I am back in NYC is a bagel. After 13 years here in the City of Light, it is still one of the number 1 things that I crave from home. Since I moved here, a few solid bagel places have opened up and Monoprix has even started selling some pretty dry and flavorless bagels in the past few years. Needless to say, a slow trend has been emerging.

Bagelstein's BagelsOver the past few years, some of my favorite bagel spots are Ari’s Bagels in the 10th and Morry’s in the 11th that have been around for quite some time now (Morry’s was Continue reading

Neighborhood Guide | Paris 16ème

This guest post by Meg of De quelle planète es-tu takes you into the secrets of the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Meg is a Denverite gone Parisian and enjoys all things floral, antique and vintage déco, beer, putting holes in her walls for handing rediculous amounts of frames, snacking on sweets before dinner, lipstick, photobooths, flea markets and many other things. Digital marketing is her stomping ground and you can find her on her blogtwitterFacebook, Tumblr or Instagram

Paris 16th - Meg Gagnard 8The 16th arrondissement of Paris covers the city’s western borders, stretching from The Arc de Triomphe to the southwest city limits. It is considered by many to be a posh neighborhood, a haven for the bourgeois, or somewhat boring. It is calm and I’ll dare say it, not as diverse, or as much of a melting pot as other Parisian hoods, but I find that it still has its charm, and still has some lovely places to pass by and discover.

The 16th is so big it even has two zip codes, unlike other Paris districts: 75016 and 75116. It houses Paris’s Bois de Boulogne, and other renowned attractions such as Roland Garros and the Continue reading

Craving some Spice? Authentic Mexican Food in Paris

“Je voudrais un burrito, s’il vous plait.”, is not a phrase you overhear often in Paris. Mexican food, however, is on the rise in this Mecca of gastronomic talent. Coming from a land where green and red chili flow like milk and honey, it was shocking that a place so rich in culinary talent was nearly a desert land for good, authentic, SPICY, Mexican food. Fortunately, with time and many a recommendation, we at Savoir Faire have accumulated a pretty good list of restaurants “muy delicioso”!

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 10.51.28

Candelaria (Photo –

Continue reading