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The New Seine | Les Berges

As we all leave you for the month of August, we conclude our month’s blog posts with an inside look on Paris’ newest development: Les Berges!

photo 4Just opened in time for summer, the entire left bank of the Seine stretching from the Pasarelle de Soferino at Musee d’Orsay all the way to Pont de l’Alma has been transformed into a summer oasis of relaxation, food and drinks and sports activities.

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Neighborhood Guide Paris 7ième

Ohhhh the 7ième arrondissement! Arguably Paris’ chicest and most chèr neighborhood, this glitzy quartier is home to some of the most luxurious shopping, dining, and cultural experiences. At just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower, Musee D’Orsay, and les Invalides, it’s easy to see why the 7th attracts so many tourists and Parisian aficionados. The neighborhood’s architecture and feel represent a timeless and old world elegance that has been passed on through years of aristocratic influence. When I walk through the 7th, I am distinctly reminded of Hemingway’s remark that Paris is a “moveable feast.” There is something captivating about walking along the Seine and then sneaking into a smoky bar or restaurant for a late night get together with friends.

Paris 7 entry
The dining selection in the 7th is nothing short of divine. In keeping with the pricey 75007 zip code, the Restaurant Jean-Francois Piege (79 rue Saint-Dominique) offers a high end dining experience Continue reading

Forget Me Nots | Small Museums of Paris

Paris is almost as saturated with museums as it is with wine and cheese. 173 – that’s right. This fact, coupled with the unlikely, yet surprisingly true thought that one might ‘forget’ they live in Paris, something must be done – intentionality. We know. Sometimes there are just too many people. So, we’ve come up with a few more discreet, yet no less grande in cultural riches and diversity. Find a more intimate experience in this tiny slice of the vast museum universe.


View of the Garden – Musée Carnavalet (Photo by Kristen)

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Restaurant Closure Schedule | Where to Dine this Summer

Summertime in Paris can be glorious, not only because of the long awaited sunshine but also because of the seemingly empty, yet peaceful streets. At the same time, the absence of traffic and human beings due to being away on vacation can in turn make doing…well, ANYTHING in Paris a real pain. Dining is at the top of that list. In hopes that your summer plans flow easy as pie, we’ve compiled our list of restaurant closing dates for this summer, 2013. Although this list “should” be accurate, it goes to say that sometimes the dates are subject to change. Make sure to call ahead before making any moves, just in case!


Jardin des Tuileries (Photo by Kristen Gonzales)


La Dame de Pic – July 26-August 26

Fish Club / Beef Club – open all summer

O Château – open all summer

Spring – August 11-19

La Rose de France – opened all summer

Verjus & Verjus Bar a Vin – July 29-September 1

Pirouette – August 4-25


Blend – Open all summer

Frenchie – August 10-28

Frenchie To Go – August 11-25

Aux Lyonnais – July 28-August 26


Nanashi – August 1-21

Glou – Open all summer

Candelaria – Open all summer

Le Mary Celeste – Open all summer


Le Dome du Marais – August: lunch only Tue.-Sun.; lunch & dinner Sat. & Sun.

Le Sergent Recruteur – August 8-20


Terroir Parisien – August 4-26

Les Papilles – July 28-August 26


Agape Substance – July 23-August 12

Le Comptoir du Relais – open all summer

La Compagne de Bretagne – Open all summer

Little Breizh – July 29-September 2


L’Arpege – open all summer

L’Atelier Saunt-Germain de Joel Robouchon – open all summer

Cafe Constant – open all summer

Les Cocottes – open all summer

Jean-Francois Piege – August 3-25


Chez Grenouille– open all summer

Hotel Amour – open all summer

Le Pantruche – August 1-26


Abri – July 21-August 26

Au Conservatoire – August 1-27

Le Galopin – August 20-September 10

La Tete dans les Olives – August 1-27

Le Verre Volé – open for dinner only August 1-15


Au Passage – July 28-August 18

Bones – August 10 – September 3

Le Chardenoux – open all summer

Le Chateaubriand – open all summer

Le Dauphin – open all summer

Jeanne A – July 30-August 27


Chez Gladines – July 28-August 21

L’Auberge du 15 – August 5-25


L’Assiette – July 29-August 28

La Régalade – August 1-16


Atao – August 11-27

Bistro des Dames – open all summer


Jeanne B – open all summer


Au Beouf Couronné – open all summer


Roseval – August 3-September 2

Le Baratin – August 11-?

Mama Shelter – open all summer

Chatomat – August 10-September 10


The Secret Garden of Catherine-Labouré

While scooting down Rue Babylone on a friend’s Vespa yesterday, I stumbled upon a beautiful bit of greenery behind a mysterious stone wall and thought I would head over there today to check it out.

photo 1The Jardin Catherine Labouré is named after a young 19th century nun to whom the Virgin Mary was said to appear. The gardens were opened to the public in 1977 by the covent of the Daughters of Charity whose windows overlook the gardens.

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Your Best Face with Make Up Forever Paris

What better way to kick off a bachelorette party than to do a make up trial run with your girlfriends? Make Up Forever Paris let’s you choose your group size in order to have a personalized class that teaches you in the ins and outs of doing makeup.  With one primary makeup artist and an assistant it’s guaranteed that everyone gets a turn to try out all the looks and get the best advice.

Make up ForeverYour group can choose one person to be the primary makeup artist’s model and canvas for the rest of the girls.  Your chosen model will be told which colors and products work best with her skin tone and Continue reading

An Expat Life | Kim Nails It

Pink polka dots, leopard print or glitter fade? I can’t make up my mind. Meet Kim Laidlaw, English expat, blogess extraordinaire, and recent razzle dazzler of the Paris manicure. I’m sitting across from her now at the Who’s Next fashion trade show, and she has a catherine-wheel of beautiful options. “Go for the glitter fade”,  she says with a smile. “It’s a versatile one.” What started as a personal passion for Kim has turned into a surprising career path: Parisiennes can’t get enough of her skillful and imaginative designs. So far she’s set up shop at the Wanderlust village, Jack Jumble’s Sale (The House that Jack Built) at Candelaria, and Who’s Next with Nailmatic, as mentioned before.

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The Utterly Delicious La Tarte Tropézienne

The deliciously famous tarte from Saint-Tropez has finally made its way to Paris! Mouths watering, I went with my friend Andrea from Truffle Travel to go check them out.

La Tarte Tropézienne has been selling their delicious brioche and cream pastries since the mid 1900s down south but just a little over a week ago, the famous bakery opened a Paris location just outside of Mabillion metro in the 6th.

photo The pastries come in three sizes: Baby, Individual and the classic Tarte Tropézienne to share. The brioche pastry is covered in sugar crystals and the inside filling is a secret combination of three types of custards and creams.


Upstairs in their Paris location is a small tea room where you can sit and devour your newly purchased tarte. When we say little, however, we really mean little! There were three of us and the four 2-person tables were a bit of a squeeze for us. The huge glass facade is great for natural light and the soothing wood colors and modern lines make for a deliciously delightful little spot.

La Tarte Tropézienne
3 rue de Montfaucon
75006 Paris

C’est Éclair! | The modern Face of the French Classic

“Éclair” is surely a word that quickly catches the attention of curious eyes and sparks the appetit of fellow “gourmands”.  This is exactly our goal.  After a month hiatus from Paris Up Close and Personal,  we’re excited to share our recent discoveries into the modern universe of the French éclair. With the help and expertise of a friend and brilliant pasty chef, Frances (of whom you will certainly hear more about), we set out on a Parisian adventure with the purpose of refining our pallets and allowing our taste buds to run wild!


Listed below in order from right to left

Allow me to add that this project was less about finding THE best eclair, but rather experiencing what all the hype is behind the innovative hands who have given the eclair a noticeable “face lift”. Without further ado, the line up is as follows:

L’Atelier de L’Eclair: mini foie gras + pistachio apricot (1 and 3 in above photo)

L’Éclair de Génie: passion fruit raspberry

Stroher: strawberry raspberry

Pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki : black sesame

La Pâtisserie des Rêves: coffee with milk chocolate coating

Miscellaneous bakery: “control” chocolate


L’Éclair de Génie

I will attempt to keep this short and…sweet (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). Out of the 6 éclairs, there was a four way tie for best, in our opinion, each for different reasons. To start, the tiny foie gras éclair from L’Atelier de l’Eclair was huge in flavor. With just a hint of sweetness and a tomatoey kick, this expensive little guy was surprisingly worth the splurge. We decided it was Napoleon sized! The pistachio apricot choice was light and flavorful without being too sweet. However it was a bit messy and had the almond flavor was just a bit too overpowering for my taste.  Next is L’Éclair de Génie with the passionfruit raspberry éclair.  The only disappointing element in tasting this one was that it had to end! Although it’s fairly small for the price, it’s absolutely worth it. The texture of the filling, the finesse of the glaze and no question the precision of the presentation were all exquisite.  Delicious!


La Pâtisserie des Rêves

Stohrer is said to be to be the oldest bakery in Paris and has graced the public with it’s royal delicacies since 1730. The strawberry raspberry éclair here was definitely beautiful and delicious. It’s a winner in terms of classicism, however we weren’t wowed by the flavor as it was a bit too sweet.  At Pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki, we found a black sesame éclair that was absolutely a breath of fresh air for our taste buds. The presentation and quality were brilliantly classic. Yet the innovative sesame flavor was light and rich. I will be back for another! Taking the cake in terms of size and flavor, we have La Pâtisserie des Rêves with their chocolate wrapped coffee éclair. This is what we would call a proper dessert. The chocolate covering was surprising not messy and the coffee flavor was perfect. The quality of craftsmanship of this éclair was incredible. They also win for innovation.  Lastly, we had the “control” chocolate éclair from “random bakery”.  If you’re going for size and like chocolate pudding, this ones for you!


Black Sesame éclair from Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI

Hopefully you find yourselves inspired by our sweet finding.  Remember, there are endless flavors we didn’t try just waiting to be discovered.  Let us know what you find!

As always, bon appetiteSFP Egg 1!

Atelier de L’Éclair 
16 Rue de Bachaumont
Paris 2a
L’Éclair de Génie
14 Rue Pavée
Paris 4a
51 Rue Montorgueil
Paris 2a
Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI
35 Rue de Vaugirard
Paris 6a
La Pâtisserie des Rêves
93 Rue du Bac
Paris 7a