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Derrière | A Fun Surprise!

About a week ago Brian Pirolli of Where is Bryan?Smart Planet, and ½ of the mastermind behind this weekend’s Cupcake Camp Paris and our friend, Tess, went to dinner at Derrière restaurant in the 3rd. We had planned a dinner to catch up as friends but this restaurant turned out to surprise us with much more than just some good food.

Derrière was designed as an apartment-style venue where you feel like you are welcomed into someone’s (very large!) apartment for an intimate dinner party. When reserving your table, you can choose your dining location, whether it’s the lounge, large dining room, Continue reading

What to Wear in Paris | Winter 2012-2013

As the weather gets crisp and chilly, many of us would rather sit around in sweats all day drinking mulled wine by the fire but if you are planning on walking the wintery streets of Paris, here are some of this seasons fashion trends to keep you looking classy and fabulous!


This season’s clothing styles revolve around experimenting with the silhouette. Be prepared to see a lot of geometric shapes from umbrella skirts to triangular princess collars, chunky heals and hourglass cinched waists.  Choose a silhouette that fits your body type and style but keep in mind that Paris is a city made for walking. Don’t force yourself into stilettos and stumble on the cobblestone streets in the Marais. Parisian fashion trends are all about the casual. Ballet flats are always a safe bet and chunky boots are a major trend this season.

French Trotters shows us the colors of the season: Warm Burgundy and Winter Green!




Pine greens and burgundy reds are this season’s staple colors.  Continue reading

An Architectural Journey | Cité de l’architecture

Do you love architecture and want to see as many famous buildings in France as you can? The Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine can help you do this, all without leaving Paris! A space dedicated to the study and exhibition of architecture, it is located in the Palais de Chaillot, a building originally built for the Exposition Internationale of 1937, steps away from the Eiffel Tower. Before becoming a space for architecture, the building was the original headquarters of NATO and it was here that the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

At the heart of the Cité de l’architecture is the Musée des monuments français. It is one of Paris’ newer museum spaces, opening in 2007, but the concept of a museum of architecture dates back to the French Revolution. Archeologist Alexandre Lenoir tried to stay one step ahead of the mobs that were destroying buildings across France during the Terror, collecting sculptures and architectural fragments for his Musée des monuments français. Though the majority of the objects in its collection were returned to their proper buildings after the Revolution, the idea of having a museum dedicated to French sculpture and architecture remained.

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Get Moving | Exercising in Paris

I have to admit, I am not one of those people who loves to exercise, but there comes a time when you have snarfed down a few too many croissants and Laduree macaroons to make any excuses.

Like many things in Paris (and France in general), however, exercising is not always as straightforward and easy as you might think it. Why? Well, the French  don’t really exercise all that much. They keep their trim and slim figure by eating those pastries in moderation and walking up the stairs to their 6th floor walk-up apartment.

Runners at Trocadero (Photo: Nimages DR)

The idea of joining a gym started in France as a luxury product which is why one of the most popular gym chains in Paris are the Club Med Gyms that offer hammams, fresh fluffy towels and even spa treatments (for an extra fee).  And you pay for what you get. Other clubs like Fitness First opened up with a similar aesthetic at an even Continue reading

Islamic Art at the Louvre

The new Islamic art wing of the Louvre is the largest addition to the museum since I. M. Pei’s iconic glass pyramid. The new section, located in the Denon wing, measures approximately 3,000 square meters over 2 levels, almost tripling the amount of space that was previously given to works of art originating from the area made up of modern-day Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

This new addition to the Louvre provides ample space for the museum to rotate its 18,000 pieces of Islamic art, one of the best collections of its kind in the world. Many of these object have been in storage for decades and are now finally getting the chance to be on display. Highlights of the collection include several Arab bronze vessels, very important in the history and history of art in the region, as well as many well-preserved carpets and pieces of textile.

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Personalized Paris

There is nothing better than having something personalized! Imagine coming to Paris and creating that perfect one-of-a-kind item to bring home. We have found three very unique spots where you can do just that.

Our first, and most luxurious, personalized item comes from Francis Kurkdjian, whose bespoke perfumes are more than enough to seduce your nostrils. Their collection of perfumes use the purest and rarest essential oils and their attention to every detail produces a rarely matched level of sophistication and elegance.

Not enough to tempt you?

Create your own scent at Maison Francis Kurkdjian (photo by SLW)

Maison Francis Kurkdjian also offers custom-made fragrances for a private clientele. Mr. Kurkdjian himself will work with you to create a personalized scent that evokes the memories and emotions you desire. Continue reading

Abri | A Bright New Bistro

Abri is being called the best new bistro of the rentrée…so obviously we had to check it out. I made a reservation about a week and a half in advance for dinner and went on a nice little date night to check out this buzzing spot.

Located just outside the Poissonniere metro, Abri doesn’t seem like much from the outside. Walking in, the kitchen takes up most of the space with a few two-person and 4-person tables surrounding it. The decor is simple: low hanging brass lighting, school-style chairs and white walls. It is airy and fresh and Japanese-inspired French Continue reading

Paris Guide | Marchés aux Puces

The marchés aux puces, or flea markets, of Paris are the perfect place for antiques-lovers and treasure hunters. Here you can find everything you need from that perfect set of chairs for your living room to that funky piece of jewellery that will pull your outfit together. The marchés aux puces are full of treasures; you just have to be patient enough to uncover them.

There are two flea markets in Paris that the Savoir Faire team loves to visit. The Puces de St-Ouen is considered to be the world’s largest flea market and is the market most frequently visited by tourists. It can be a little overwhelming at first to get your bearings. If you come from the metro at Porte de Clingancourt, beware of the market set up around the metro stop. That isn’t the flea market; you have to walk a little ways to get there. The market is split up into a smaller concentrations of booths and is somewhat organized by the types of items sold. A wide range of items is sold at the booths, but there tends to be a focus on larger furniture pieces and higher-end vintage clothes. Because it is a popular tourist destination, the prices tend to be slightly higher than some of the other markets. But you can still negotiate your way to great bargains and find some wonderful treasures.

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